Silvaback’s 1st journey

It’s amazing how cool they look when they’re not eating your buds!!
He’s looking for easy digging to bury himself until next spring. I watched this documentary once about larvae that live in the “near” perma-frost. The ground is only warm enough for them to wake for a short period of time so it takes YEARS for them to do the same thing their southern cousins do in a season or two.
Then they basically live long enough to get a little lovin’ in and then they die.
Rough life! LOL!


edit: Waiting for the @Lacewing report!!


Lol Ruuuun ‘!!! Haha that’s a chubby one
I don’t know any specifics of that exact caterpillar but he’s looking about ready to build a cocoon so next year he can hatch and lay an egg on your biggest fattiest smelliest cola and that egg will go munch on it from the inside out so you have no idea until ypu open it up and see his fat drooling green slime face

Ask me how I know


Now that is some funny shizzle!


I was just talking about this the other day lol. See here
Decarboxylating wet trim - #21 by Naturalmedsman

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That was some amazing cupcakes.

Yea I left her/him alone is in the opposite side of the yard where the girls gonna be at. Also will be re arranging my garden 4 next year. Ima use my son old bed from now 1 as a gardening bed.

About 2 try some of my RS # 1 it smells but not really strong. Only been curing for 1 week so will see. My boy coming over now so we can smoke and watch the game.


mmmmm puff puff pass bro


Was harsh and didn’t get the chance 2 finish or enjoy it. Wish some 1 else had the chance 2 actually smoke it n not waste like i did.

1 of those nights that I hope every 1 stay safe and God bless yall…

I will catch up to every 1 tomorrow. Sorry if I’m missing any tags will reply tomorrow. Love ya


That is a polyphemus moth @Lacewing @Tylersays

So @SilvaBack203 did some research yesterday.
Our best bet is to make a bunch of rosin, put it in a small canning jar with 2 lids (the circle part of Mason jar) screw that tight and then put it into the oven for 24hr at 150f.

Now again this works best for hash rosin.

The other option is to mechanical separate.
This is done by taking your rosin, putting it a 25 micron bag and just barley squishing it for like 10 min then a bit more pressure for another 10min all at 100f. Do this over and over till no more terps come out.
Everything collected will be terps, inside the bag will be a white chalk like powder that is pure thca. Then we re melt this thca and decarb it by its self I think and then add terps after so we don’t cook them off… Idk I figured I don’t want to go through all that work so I’m going the sauce oven method.

Also the general agreed best rosin carts I’m hearing at Qcells but my junipers seemed to work fine.

I have a bunch of flower but I don’t really want to hash it all ide be sad if I lost my huge stockpile… Just Incase you know haha.
So we will see I might take one whole plant of this grow and hash it then turn it into carts.


@SilvaBack203 what are the dates for the canna con in NYC? Is there a link? That would be a lot of fun for a day trip And about 130 or so miles from the city 2 and a half hour drive.


Copy that @Nicky now ima def have 2 wait still didn’t get a stash yet good enough 4 it.

@Dhooter Jan 7-8

Feeding time.


Looking good👍


Thank you

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Aye another video trying 2 show my girls and also get my boys some air time.


Oh yea those three are going to be a tent full

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I’m really surprised they are doing that good and responded good to the hst


hey great job on the defoliation of your girls they are looking great . keep up the good care that you are giving them .
:alien: happy growing

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Do you just LST or scrog them too

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I did just hst and will see how they do this grow. So far they are sharing the space with no issue


Here yes man it took a while but I found it …I saw it and was outta likes and meant to come back to it …I got distracted

It’s a match !!
Oh that’s a different app
Really pretty tho shame they do such damage
I’m gonna tag @Graysin in here because the post I’m responding to has some real juicy infos that relate to carts !!