Silvaback’s 1st journey

@SilvaBack203 very nice sir very nice.

I still recommend you wash and try bubble hash because it’s just such better quality.

For those of you who are questioning the 48hr of darkness.
While you may not be able to tell an overwhelming difference, there is one, it may not be what nature does but we humans modify everything to maximize it otherwise cannabis would never look like it does now (go look at weed from the 60’s).

The 48hr of darkness allows tricombs to be grown and produce thc and other cabinoids while light is not degrading them, because light damages tricombs yet builds buds because tricombs are sunscreen for the plant (amongst other uses like pest deterant)

When those tricombs get 48hr to build in intrupted, they the thc is not active in them until they mature in a good cure.


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Thanks 4 all the information fellas. The t6 will be my next move since it’s cheaper than the s6.

@Nicky Thank you sir and I plan on doing it next week. Gonna try the trims 1st than 1 of my girls. The purple rosin smokes nice the high goes from mellow 2 been activate


Damn that’s beautiful resin!!!


Thank you mam

Alright every 1 so I’m home with kids and got time 2 finally trim Halle Berry and bag her up. The yield really surprise me since u wasn’t really expecting much.

She stinks and is very sticky 2


that’s awesome dude. congrats

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Thank you brother. I’m pumped. If the last 2 give my 3oz each I’m set 4 q bit


Nice harvest Silva . Now on to the next part. Happy trim jail my friend.


Beautiful buds nice harvest :clap::clap::clap::ok_hand:

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Thank you fellas. Now they in bags hopefully I 4get about them and let them cure. Now waiting on the last 2 girls 2 complete my 1st indoor grow


Saw a canabrush in that pic how is it do you like it

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Yes sir it’s really good and helped with trim jail. Just have to make sure it’s properly dried or else it ain’t gonna work. Some areas I had to use the shear but it really worked out and no damage on trichomes


Nice might have to try one, out of likes again :heart:

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I got it from Amazon not expensive and easy 2 clean after use. I out in the freezer and with a rag got the stuff out.

Every one please go check out the new contest and cast ya vote if ya can.


You plan on pressing these brother? You must have a good stash or not a heavy user because 3 oz will last me 30 days of smoking lol.

How are you using your rosin? Smoking it or vaping? Can us use that directly in edibles?

Well done my brother. I look forward to your next adventure.


I’m a heavy smoker so no stash everything from outdoor got smoked while curing. Really glad my plug is my boy and I get an oz for $150.

So I smoke it vape it and bless my blunts with it. Before I roll I spread rosin in my bluntville than some kief and the weed and roll it great high.
I only smoke after work so it helps me save weed.

I infused the left offer pucks from pressing it still has some thca and other stuff the press don’t take everything out. Instead of using 1oz of weed per half cup of oil or 1 bar of butter I use 42g of pressed puck.

Only thing left for me 2 In this journal is the bubble hash


I hear ya! My last harvest will get me to my next harvest thank goodness! My Oz cost is 300 bucks. Already made up the cost of all of my equipment and building my attic room.

Thanks and happy growing…was drooling over your purple rosin man lol!

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The outdoor ladies paid for the stuff I bought already for sure. Thank you wish I could share with ya.

@Edword02 this my 1st journey journal soon to come to an end. Welcome aboard sir for the bubble hash to come and more pressing


@Brainsacco1 welcome to my journal here you can see my last 2 flowering girls and some of my pressing and other adventures. It is coming to and end but I do have another journal going on already with a few girls in veg already.

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