Silly Newbie question but guide to grow times?

When I look at seed descriptors and it says FLOWERS 10 weeks…Does it mean it’s 10 weeks of flower from the day of flip? Or is it is giving a rough estimate of the entire grow?

Thanks for the clarification. This has been driving me crazy as I’m researching my next grow :joy:


When u flip but time frames very rarely are very accurate


Agreed. Just a guideline a guess but at least I now know what it means! Thank you!

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Yes - 10 weeks give or take a week or so. It’s generally 10 weeks from the first appearance of pistils (usually a week to 10 days from the flip.)


@MidwestGuy is correct. Start counting the first sign of the actual flower. The times from the grower are only estimates and can vary quite a bit… you just have to harvest when they are to your liking.

This is what you are looking for to start counting: