Silica? Yes or no

I’ve heard some people use silica with their plants, what does it provide? Is it good to have / use? Let me know your guys thoughts

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Reading support silica for stronger stems.
What do I know? IDKS, but I add silica to my watering routine.
50% suggested level or higher. I want the best for my plants.
LAW of the MINIMUMs was taught to me in 1973, at USU.
Never met Dr Bruce Bugbee,wish I had.
His Youtube vidios are great learning, for free as no tuition is required this time.

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It’s relatively cheap and has worked well for me. I use from 0.5ml to 1.5ml per gallon depending on what stage of the grow I’m in. They say it’s makes the plants stronger. Mine have stems like small tree trunks. It also makes them resistant to drought, frost, fungal issues and pests. It also increases root growth so why not use it?


Got a link?

There are all kinds of silica out there. Monosiliclic Acid is the form most immediately available to the roots. Most other types have to break down in the soil first.

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Deleted it bc I thought no way that’s the address, but it is.

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What it does, while it does strengthen stems the arguably more important benefit is that it widens the pathways that allow faster nutrient uptake


Oh you’re kind, I meant to the silica you use

Oops. Sorry. It’s good old GH Armor Si. Although if you’re using a different brand of nutrients I’d recommend you get that brand’s silica. The feed schedules take into account the specific NPK of their products. Armor Si is 0-0-4. Botanicare Silica Blast is 0-0-0.5. I’m sure other brands are different as well.

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Geez. Forgot to click reply so the answer to your question is above.

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For sure no worries; for now I’m using jacks 3-2-1, haven’t needed to feed yet

Silica increases the flexibility of your stem in the way that Calcium fortifies it. You can produce some robust, strong, yet surprisingly bendable stems with the right amount of silca. I use diatomaceous earth and langbeinite as natural sources of Silica that my plant can absorb throughout its lifetime. If your attempting to supercrop scrog, it’s a must in my opinion

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Silica helps mitigate a lot of environmental stressors. As others have mentioned, it will stretch the cell wall. As a by product of this, it makes the plant much stronger and tougher. While its stretching the cell walls of the plant, it will in turn allow for greater water and nutrient uptake. This in itself will help mitigate excessive heat. When certain types of bugs land on a plant and try to eat it, they will find it to be tougher for them to feed, encouraging them to move along (we use quite a bit of wind to further encourage this). Since its strength and toughness has grown considerately, it will be able to support thick, dense, luscious flowers during the flowering phase better. That in turn allows the plant to focus more on the development of the buds, ultimately yielding at least a little bit more since it does not have to take as much time away ensuring it can withhold itself. Although silica is not required, it is highly recommended. We use “Simply Silica” from supreme growers for our organic no feed soil in the greenhouse. Among it, we also put a rotation of mycos and molasses in there, rates and schedules depending on what phase we are on. We hope this was helpful, have fun and happy growing!