Silica?has anyone used it for denser buds

So has anyone been using silica as an addition fo get hardier plants with denser buds I’ve been researching it and am
Curious I’m trying to grow the densest buds possible and am told silica is the answer in addition to my pk booster please lmk what you know and if it works what I should buy

In soil its reccomended in coco its pretty much required to get healthy stems that move nutrients better i usually use diatomaceous earth while mixing my coco and add 2 ml of liquid silica a gallon once a week and heres a few pics of the smaller plants that just finished this grow


I use silica in my coco. I dont know about making denser buds but it will strengthen you plant against diseases and help uptake of nutrients.
I drop my silica in week 4 of flower.


Silica is a great addition no matter how you grow. Just know that is very alkaline and will raise your ph significantly. So adjust accordingly.


Started using silica. FFOF Soil with additions of mychorriza, peat moss, perilite and salt. No clue if it helps, but why not? Trying new is first step to learning new (or NOT TO DO). @BobbyDigital this might explain my 8.5 run-off, initially, now still lowering. at 7.2. Aiming for 6.2. Flushing and watering flowers with 6.0 PH at 1000PPM

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What brand would you reccomend and I’ve been reading it also has to be added first to avoid nutrient lockout of the micro minerals idk and would you go liquid or powder

I’ve only worked with the liquid. I have bulletproof si but it’s pretty much all the same stuff.


Only reason I would use silica is to strengthen the branches as my Sativas grow past 7’ tall. I have yet to order it as all 3 plants I have right now is Indica dominant and my Indicas do a good job for being strong.


This is one of my sativa’s I’m growing in coco and using Canna nutes and boosters and nothing else so I don’t think silica is always neccersary


It helps when you have this going on.


@MrPeat I love this photo :rofl::rofl::clap:t2:

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What kinda yield do you get per plant with my regimine I got 121 from my first grow

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They are dense but not as dense as I would like I’m upgrading the lights to a hlg 150 they just came out with it’s the 150 patriot

Depends. Autos is 1 to 2 oz and I have also have them yield over 8 oz but that is rare for me as I run 12/12 only and my experience growing many as different strains and they still usually get 1 to 2 oz.

Indicas is between 1 to 8 oz. Now my Sativas is a whole different matter. Three Sativas yielded over 2 lbs. but they are beast mode activated.


I can reach about 7’4” for the record. I am a Sativa fan for the energetic highs and 12/-2 only does not hurt them.


I flower at 12/12 what kinda bloom booster do you use you obviously got this figured out


@ChaddyDaddy I am a Fox Farm exclusive user. I do plan to try Jack’s 321 in the Fall. After this grow cycle is done.

If you want simplistic and ease of use, go with Jack’s 321. Look at the Bud of the Month and Strain of the month topics and you can see Jack’s handy work.

I have been growing since May 2018. And yes I had a learning curve and now my plants is awesome. Experience is the key and confidence. :+1::+1::+1:

It time you will be rocking the buds like the experienced growers.


What does this mean?

A typo…read my other messages and you will see I meant 12/12. I grow start to finish on 12/12 light schedule. Sorry about the typo but I have a serious medical condition going on and I am very distracted at the moment.

I was discussing how 12/12 seems to serious hurt the overall haul for an Auto on 12/12.

This was about Sativas that doesn’t seem to hurt the overall haul on a straight 12/12 start to finish. Example of Sativas.


Thanks. I was really thinking you had a trick here and I hadnt heard it. I’m really a newbie so sorry I didnt pick up on that.