Signs of lack of work too many nukes

Ok I have 1or 2 out of 8 with the big fan leaf curling on the end

Is that nutrition or lack of water .or over water

Neither. Looks okay to me.

Thanks I worried I want good right buds is this male plant I think so if you could give me ur thoughts

Can u tell sex of a plant I’m pretty sure it make but wolix like a second optionor is it just flowering with all the other ones and it must have been a seed in the wrongs packet because it wasn’t in an autoflower packet

Looks a little male, but not enough to say for sure. @Bulldognuts @CoyoteCody @Hellraiser
Male female?


I would let it go a little longer. There is only one thing i see that worries me, but I would let it go a few more days.


Looks very boyish.

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So what I did was I got rid of all the undergrowth aND LST THE HELL OUT OF IT…lol and It was of course one of the best looking chocolate rain and can punch as well with 25% soi place it out side made a make shift Plexi glass case it’s not air tight I built it in inside Conner far away from contaminated my girls if he is a boy I might even go crazy and brown bag just a little branch of his and throw it on and auto seal it take the audio out to his plexiglass clean it out first and then bagged one of those branches I see if I can make all those seeds chocolate rain what r my chances of that working I had a few beers so lol

and I think we’re flower and so we have take off everybody starting to flower at the same time or the aldens anyway I’m having a great time enjoying this form

I tend to agree with everyone else, it’s starting to look like a boy. I’d let it go a little longer to be sure.