Signs of Hermaphrodite

I am in week 3 of flower. 1st grow. Is this a sign of a hermaphrodite? If so can I just cut the branch or do I need to dispose?

Unfortunately it is. You can pluck them off but they may just spring up elsewhere. Could be an uphill battle.


Thought so! Will plucking cause additional stress?

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No. I had an auto that spit out one of those. I just plucked it and that was that. You’ll need to stay vigilant because they do sprout fast

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If you’re terribly desperate, you can continue this grow and accept the self-seeded flower.

Otherwise, I’d cull this plant and compost it. There are products that claim to reverse hermaphroditism, but I’m exceedingly skeptical that they’re both effective & safe.

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Just spent the last half hour plucking anything that looked like a seed. Question I have is does pollen leak from the areas that were plucked

I have 2 other girls in the room as well.

If you continue with this plant, you will probably miss at least one pollen sac (not seed), and that sac will release 300,000+ grains of pollen. You are almost certain to seed your other two plants.

Are these seeds all from the same source?

Are you unable to get better genetics? How much do you spend per month on flowers now?


I used bag seeds to dive in all the same source. I started this as a Covid hobby if you may, but have learned ins an outs. So definitely going fem seeds on next round. This is what I plucked so far.

Here is my other girl examined her an seems fine.


Would it be worth harvesting it, just to get some practice in or way to soon?

If you dry the pollen sacs out, there’s a chance they will open and release pollen.

I’d scrap the whole project and buy better seeds. You could have new seeds in a few days…


Putting it that way, it’s a goner.


It is Worth every penny to buy good genetic feminized seeds. @KeystoneCops has got you covered.

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I’d rather see people buy regular seeds, as opposed to feminized. The experience of identifying males and females is valuable, and (unless you have a hermaphrodite) if you do miss a male, worse case scenario you just made hundreds of seeds that could yield some good plants.


I agree, my first threw every scenario at me. Started with 4 hoping 1 goes the distance. Tossed a male mid-veg, root rotted one, and now a herm. Yet every one taught me something different. :nerd_face:

How have you tested your tent for light leaks?

Yes, I placed a camera inside with the brightest it could get in room

I’m not sure what that means, but the way I recommend is to sit in the sealed dark tent for minimally 20 minutes without looking at any light (no screens.) All the lights outside the tent should be on. Once your eyes adjust, you will see even pinhole light.

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Yeah I guess there’s two ways to look at that personally I don’t like wasting my time an material and energy then end up with a bunch of male plants. I do see your point. Also I do remember the bag seed days.

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Consider that if you have a 4’x4’ tent, a 10 pack of regular seeds is likely to give you 4 good female plants, and you have plenty of room for 10 plants until they show sex.

I get the appeal of feminized seeds; I even understand why ILGM stopped selling them (or hasn’t in 2020). Most customers are probably new, and explaining the identification of staminate/pistillate flowers was probably a headache. I wish they sold landraces seeds, but that would be a terrible idea with the volume of complaints they’d get.

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