Side lighting working great

Well a day after putting in the side lights I seem to have seen a difference in how green the plant is and seems like a lot more growth. Moved my sour d into soil today to start my first feminized seed so I’m excited about starting it. Even though this bag seed seems like it has been going well and I will be better for the fem seed.


If you can lower your side lights just right above the pot , are you want enough light penetrating thru the canopy to were you can place your hand at the very bottom of the plant and can see light reflecting off your hand , if not you want your side lighting right at the top of the pot and almost half way up the side of the plants .

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What kinda bulbs are you using for your side lighting? I need something like that myself!!

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125 watt CFL bulb. Apollo. What kind of light are you using at the moment on top?

You will find that your yields will increase by at least 40% use in veg and flower stages.

I’m using one 4ft. 4 bulb T5 Fluorescent 6500k and 2 100w CFL… I’m not getting enough penetration through my canopy with this set up so I’m planning on buying a MH and HPS soon but I still wanna use some side lighting…

Yea I only have a 150 hps on top. want to get a 600 watt hps next.