Side lighting useless at this point?

Today marks the end of week 2 since 12/12 switch. My question is are these LEDs (19w full spectrum) I have mounted on each side of the tent beneficial or are they just taking up room? Main light is a vipar spectra 300w (136w) blurple. Tent is 2’x2’x4’

Every watt you can get the better. I have one under a 1500watt cob and a small qb for side lighting.

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yes, they do help,
u still lack a bit of light for Blurples, 174 actual watts,
200w - 240w of Blurple would be good in a 2x2,

use what u have for a grow or 2 while saving up for better lighting.!
135w of QB would be great in your 2x2.!!


When I started I was under the impression of 100w per plant so that’s why I went with that one. I do have a 135w qb v2 on the way scheduled for arrival on 2/5. But I’m going to finish this grow on the blurple. I started with 5 WW fem seeds and this is seed 1. Seed 2 will be on the qb so I can compare results.


with another 2x2.5 area u can start a perpetual grow.!
that Viper Spectra 300 would do good for a momma/veg room.!!

As a test. I would turn all lights off and just leave the tube LED on and see where the light is directed… the light itself wouldn’t be a waste but where it’s pointed would be.

Not much use pointing to the other side of the tent.

Youtube “Migro par testing” :wink:

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I built a “closet” behind my gas fireplace originally for a gun closet but had room for a 2x2 tent. No more room in there but I do have a 12’x 4’ shed that I’m looking to convert to a small grow room. Nothing large, just big enough to keep the wife stocked up on bud.


Thats very very cool! :heart_eyes:

This is where they’re at with the blurple off


Ok… see the pic above. 0 PAR levels on outer edges. Not the same light but just grasp the principles of lighting and youll make better use of them…

just think;

“Full Sun Plant” not “Part Shade Plant” :ok_hand:

And i understsnd its supplement lighting but you might as well get the most out them since you have them.

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Oh, I gotcha. Some reason I missed the last half of your original post. So aim them at the ground instead of opposing walls.

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Watch a few migro videos if you can, he offers a good understanding and hes 100% genuine. Im more of a visual person so videos are great.

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