Side branch undevelopment


Question from a fellow grower:

There’s 5 widows in one pot I’m pointing 4 out sideways theres one in the middle lol.

I’ve got a 2 ft ish high stealth spot in the bush for them.

I’ll activate flowering and they’re insecticide sprayed and off.

Mum thinks marijuana plants are multiplying but I do have a spot.

Sorry to beat around the bush.

Look I’ve got a northern lights I’m picking Jan 2. Nice trunk but it has side branch issues.

The other northern light… It’s got two significant sides.

And they just haven’t budded fuvk. It’s the bigger of the two, and it doesn’t have a nice trunk to it either.

What I’m thinking…

Look these plants are 3 ft tall with a pot…

Can I switch this unbudded plant back into veg for a bit , and then give it another go?

Have you heard of side branch undevelopment?


Yes you can put her back into veg longer if you want to,just put back on veg light times. And for the side branches, has it been topped? topping a plant will cause the rest of lower ones to grow out and up, If its not topped, could just be the way she is…they all grow abit different even if they are the same strain


Yes you can put it back in veg just make sure you give it at least 16-18 hours of light
And keep in mind there will be a transition period before you see new growth


You can also take clones to put in veg and let that one continue to flower… up to you :v::bear: