Sick Seedlings to Flourishing Seedlings w/HELP 1st GROW


Looking good! You definitely have time, though. I’m going to guess…4+ weeks.


This is where you sit back and smile and start dong squeeze ball exercises bcause your about to be squeezing the scissors and cramping up lol you got weeks left homie the longer the better remember that if you are eager to smoke go buy some trees cuz u got a good 2 months till ur smoking her


Sounds good. I don’t mind waiting. The longer the better I assume so they grow bigger. Just wanted to make sure I’m on the right track. Here are a few pics from today, 66 days after germinating. So, wait until all the whitish pistols start turning Amberish then start checking trichs ?? :+1::+1:


Yup. Once they start to brown/orange/amber out u should start checking trichs


4 day update after a good watering. For my first grow I’m excited. However, after learning so much from this forum there are many things I’ll do differently with my next grow starting in December. These aren’t relatively the prettiest three plants but damn they are beautiful to me !! A lot of issues going on obviously noticing the leaves but buds are growing bigger day by day so I’m not going to do anything too drastic but feed them as normal and water them as normal. However, would another nice flushing help ?? The smell is insanely amazing btw! ILGM Blueberry Autos. GERMINATED SEPT 1st. image|254x500


Yup they are churning towards the finish. How are u feeding? Those tips lookd kinda sexy burnt but are pretty clawed. Maybe a bit heavy on the N. @raustin u see anything specific he maybe missing?


Well, this late in flower you’re going to see deficiencies, which can be a good thing if you’re close to harvest, but you’ve still got a few weeks left.

Yes, I think you should do a good flush and then add some nutes back in.


Will do ! They LOVED the last flush lol. Within two days they looked happier after the last one. I will flush later today then give a feeding right after. Will update in about 2-4 days :+1::grinning:


Hey there @dclem1010 Next grow try to look into CalMag. I read your journal and I could be wrong but calmag was metioned and you said you were going to buy some but that was never mentioned again, my grow had same issues. Everytime they would cry for calmag the leaves would start looking just like yours. But I use RO water so you must add calmag every watering. But with city water after chlorine is removed use calmag maybe twice a week, (also measure PPM’s going in and coming out, your plants will tell you ) , as you grow more and more your plants by observing and experience will tell you what they want.


Thanks so much. Yes def a must on my next grow. Anyone know what happened to this plant??? This is my 3rd plant The other two are doing great.


This crazy plant looks likes it’s finished but buds are small as hell. Wonder if it’s from the temperature drop and humidity drop ??? Or light too close ? Who knows !!


Really hard to see what is happening under the purple grow light.


Yellow leaves and curling big time ! Purple was shut off. Shoulda be easy to see what’s going on.


You need to do a flush, and check you PPM’s on runoff and your pH looks way off. I would check that first, your girl is either nute lock out or your PPM’s are way too high. My problem which looked the same is my meter was off and I was feedin below 6.0 and that is bad for soil, you could be checking pH going in but very important to see what is coming out so you can make the proper adjustments. As far as what is going on now with her may be too late, and like me you learn for the next grow, I also stopped Cal Mag too soon and leaves did that because of lack of Magnesium. Hope that helps and we can only get better from here. P.S. I use RO water so lack of something shows fast. You could have been using city water which already has high PPM and then added nutes which put the ppm’s way too high. All of that has to be taken into consideration.


Looks like low ph mixed with high rh. I see u say your temps dropped but the plant has signs of high temps and high rh. Were they high before?

Gotta keep those ph meters right on. Low ph will cause most of that. It won’t get better U can only hope she finishes up with all that damage.


Is it best to go with a nute free soil for the seed/sprout until she establishes herself? Then transplant into permanent pot with FF ocean forest. I know enough about soil and nutes to fill a pistachio shell. :rofl::rofl:


I know that question was for rausten but here’s my .2$.

I find using a nute free soil is probably left for later down the road when u have more experience with nutes and soil. Having them in it is just one step u as a newer grower don’t have to learn just yet. It’s daunting being new and dealing with deficiencies and toxicities. There are seedling soils as well that just have root builders u could use until they get established. Happy frog is a very lightly charged soil and transplants into ocean Forrest without a misstep.

Good luck with whatever u choose.


Thank you. From seedling to harvest which soils and mixtures do you recommend. I’d like an easy route being it’s going to be my first grow.


Lots of people use the two I mentioned above and love them. I haven’t used them.

I use vermifire with root hormone in a solo cup for my seedlings. Until I transplant into their final home 3 gallon for autos and 5 for photos. When I put them in their big cloth pots I use a mix of vermifire, roots organics, and Nectar for the gods #4.

For me, they each have a purpose but u could use any one of them alone and have great soil as well. They are all around a 35 day charge so they take u all the way through veg not needing any additional nutes.


Nute free soil is great for seedlings, but like @Justgrowin said, as a new grower you don’t want to have to add and time nutes for a seedling. I would also recommend Foxfarm Happy Frog for seedlings and then Foxfarm Ocean Forest for the transplant up. That will give you enough nutes to get you through veg stage.