Sick Seedlings to Flourishing Seedlings w/HELP 1st GROW


Look at these pics. One is new growth. Almost looks like small tears/holes in leaves. I don’t have have cal mag but I can try to get some. I just been super slow on nutes with these burnt looking tips on all my leaves on 2/3 plants. Here are some new pics and more issues I’ve discovered just now. What is this !!!



The tips look like slight nute burn. Maybe how far are ur lights? Sorry i know uve replied but what kind of lights? Are those the highest leaves?

Id be more worried with the discoloration in the leaves. If thats not new/ spreading/ worsening. No harm no foul. Rein in on NPK. Water next few feedings.

If the color fading stops and the tips just appeard… same recommendation. 6.5 pH’d water next few feedings. You just got her bloated (the tips)

Also im not a pro. Wait for extra input. But properly pH’d water is gonna be solid answer. If ur doing that. Keep doing that a bit. Also lights and heights. But lesser worry.


I was thinking the same as raustin. With the soil you mixed, your low pH rain water that you were using, and your recent feed, maybe you have an excess of potassium, with ensuing micronutrient lockouts?


Yep, that’s what it still looks like to me too. Potassium locking out other nutes causing Mag deficiency. I think a good flush is in order with Ph water to 6.5.



Anyone know what’s going on here. ??? Looks like growth has stunted and all new growth is dwarfed or something on all three plants !!! Please help !!!


They look completely normal. Looks like they’re starting to flower.


Yea they look A OK when leaves start spitting out like that your plant is stretching I’m going through this ATM as well


I agree thats what dey do!



It’s totally normal if you have flushed like suggested. Your leaves interveinal tissues are almost looking as they’re ready to burst and the new shoots are wrinkling and narrow…lol… :wink: One of your soil mix also have slow release nutrients, by flushing, you liberate them…

I also agree that it’s normal too when the plant is entering in flowering stage and begin to stretch.

So it’s a combination of those 2 things happening at the same times that is happening here…

Be patient, let your soil dry for at least 5 days to a week, no water, no nutrients… It take at least a week for a plant to recover from a flush, you’re at around 4 days now and the leaves interveinal tissues are still very bloated. Be patient, let your medium dry…

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They’re looking excellent! Those thin little leaves are indicative of buds.


Pretty soon you’ll be having glorious buds forming.


Awesome. Thanks all ! My plants are so relatively little still but i guess that’s what I get for growing Autos lol. But I’ve seen some big autos. Mine are small ! Can big buds some from small plants ?


Yes. If you tend to them well they will give you their flower


Yup. Just keep that light pumping on em. They’ll fatten up. N wait for that lovely smell to waft


What concerns do I have here ? Ph issues ? And/Or some deficiencies / abundance issues ??



Dang homie. Not sure… ask the grow masters…

Before i get to tagging… is that the one in the slow release nute soil? Looks like nute burn (abundance). Did it happen when u flushd?

@Niala last time today. Promise :joy: @TDubWilly @raustin im gon leave yall alone sooner r later


Thanks for the tag.

I think you have nute burn and a deficiency which means nutrient lockout. What is your Ph and when was the last time you flushed?


Maybe potassium deficiency


Always gave us a picture in natural light, @dclem1010

Potassium or Phosphorus excess text book… These excess also lock zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium that some leaves appears to have, however, without a picture in natural light, I cannot give you an accurate diagnosis.

You were supposed to take track of your pH and PPM\EC reading, it will be awesome that you post your results , question to see and know if your plants are eating or not and if you haven’t pH issues…

In hope you will have them

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