Sick Seedlings to Flourishing Seedlings w/HELP 1st GROW

Yellow leaves on seedling and no clue why. I mist around the stem with water bottle when soil is dry to first knuckle. Humidity is around 60-70 all the time in the grow room. LED lighting is 20 inches away. And using 6.5 ph roughly water in Organic soil (feeds up to three months). Yellowing dropping badly leaves and the other plant is green and dropping as if I’ve watered too much but I have not ! So lost right now.

This one is my main concern. Yellow leaves. Drooping.

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It would help if you could get a pic in natural light, but I suspect it’s nute burn from the soil.

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I’ll take a pic now in natural light

And here is my second one that is also excessively dropping in my opinion.

This guy looks pretty good, don’t worry, but I do think you’re overwatering. Every time you water you’re giving the seedlings nutes which is giving them nute burn. Just mist the inside of the dome rather than the soil. They don’t need all that water right now


Oh ok. I even went almost two full days with no water and shit looked super dry so I had to mist lol. Still stayed drooping and the yellow leaf seedling seems to be getting worse.

I don’t think they look that bad, but the main problem is the nutes in the soil that’s turning them yellow, not the water alone.


Overwatering hot soil is the same as giving too many nutes


Yup what they said. Also… could be lightish burn. 20 inch for seedlings maybe still a tad close. How strong are ur lights?
Lift em 4-6 inches. And watch for stretch. But she maybe cooking a bit.

Dont disregard that soil deal tho. If ur soil is hot. Water makes it more accessible. And 2 days is childs play. My girl went 6-8 days before her first drink :joy::joy:


Don’t worry, they’re vertical, and many first time growers don’t find this place until it’s too late. Someone is going to ask you to give more info so better help can be given. There’s a ‘trouble ticket’ so we can see other specifics (water pH, ppm, ventilation, etc. For starters I think she needs a dome. half a 2-liter bottle, whatever.


It’s looking so bad. Shall I transplant to smaller pot and different soil or wait it out ?

I’ve never watered her at all so never any runoff to test. But ph I mist with a spray bottle is 6.4-6.5

I put the LED light at 30 inches even though the hand test I could hold my hand 6 inches below without feeling anything. And yeah my soil is relatively cheap but organic which I thought would be easier on the seedlings.

You could try to transplant it into some nute free soil, that will help I think.

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Yes I’ll do that now. It’s looking rough ! I don’t see it hurting it. I’ll update when finished ! Plus I plan to make a 1st Grow Journal and keeping track of everything daily.

If you wanted to carefully transplant her back into a solo-cup, it might not be too late. But if you do, think big and just use your fingers to dig her out. The goal would be to damage no roots, and keep a pocket of soil just encasing the roots (hold it in your hand and brush dirt away with your fingers like an archaeologist) and have a smaller container ready to go.

If it was in a jiffy-pellet or something that is still in there under the dirt, that makes it easier. (the decision as well as the process)

A plain peat is best for starters in the cup, so you can control exactly how and when they get nutes.

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For soil, the basic rule of thumb is that anything ‘time-released’ is a time bomb (hashtag ‘Miracle-No!’)

Yours should be fine, but look into it and find out what’s in there, and what it was engineered for if possible (tomatoes, azaleas…). If it is heavy in one nutrient or another, it might not be a bad thing, but it would be something to consider as you start adding nutes.

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Here is what both my seedlings look like today after no watering for almost 2 days now. They both a sagging and the one I’m really worried about with yellow leaves just looks so sad but I think it still has two small baby leaves still growing so I really hope it recovers from whatever could be the problem. Let me know what you guys think and why they may be drooping / sagging leaves so bad. It’s day 11 today from when I planted the seed. So the seedlings are 8 days old now and appear to be smaller than other pics I see that are 8 days old.