Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


Okay, I’ll go down and fix that right now. They grow so fast. Thanks! Don/t want to burn them after all this work.


being genetic hermies it is possible they would be both fem and auto but also still have same tendency to hermi themselves


@bob31 Bob…do you have time to re-adjust my nutrient feeding schedule? Tomorrow I’ll be doing the 3rd watering where I put in the nutrients and the last run-off is different from the schedule you gave me from 3 weeks ago. I didn’t know if I should still use it, can you look it over and give me a thumbs up or down? Your schedule is above, just scroll up a few and you’ll see it. On this page is my last watering run-off stats. The order is exactly the same.
6.6 - 729
6.9 - 104
6.8 - 468
6.7 - 631
6.9 - 104
6.8 - 821
6.6 - 104
7. - 758


Yes, it needs to be adjusted! I will get those for you in a bit. How are you and the girls doing? @Bobbi Any issues? Or anything that doesn’t look right?

Also I needt o understand better what age your plants are! Also they require slightly differing amounts of nutrients every week, so we need to update for this week and then check them again next week as well.

So does that mean we are week 8? If you can get back to me tonight that would be great. i am out the door at 0800 tomorrow morning for most of the day!


All the plants are getting big, lots of cola and very healthy. Yes, week 8. If you don’t get to it, I can just do 3/4th on all of them. Started seed March 15-20.


I had it 99% done, just wanted to make sure I gave you the right numbers @Bobbi and thats good to hear!

Week 8 600-800 nutrient schedule GH Flora

Full Nutrients

FM 4 ml
FG 1 ml
FB 6 ml

3/4 Nutrients

FM 3 ml
FG .75 ml
FB 4.5 ml

6.7 PH - TDS 112 switch to 3/4 nutrients 6.6 - 729 Stay 3/4
6.9 PH - TDS 167 switch to 1/2 nutrients 6.9 - 104 Go to Full
6.7 PH - TDS 132 switch to 3/4 nutrients 6.8 - 468 Go to Full
6.8 PH - TDS 845 stays on full nutrients 6.7 - 631 Stay on Full
6.6 PH - TDS 196 switch to 1/2 nutrients 6.9 - 104 Go to Full
6.8 PH - TDS 114 switch to 3/4 nutrients 6.8 - 821 Stay 3/4
6.6 PH - TDS 128 switch to 3/4 nutrients 6.6 - 104 Go to Full
6.9 PH - TDS 133 switch to 3/4 nutrients 7. - 758 Stay 3/4

You have 2 at 6.9 pH runoff and one at 7 pH runoff. If those numbers go above 7 you will need to ph their water to 6.2


Thanks a bunch, I had to ph water that low last watering, my plants all seem to have high run offs. Most of the time the water going in is at 6.2-6.3


ok @Bobbi we can take another look at it after the next feeding. 7 is a little high but nothing to worry about if the plants look ok!


I will take pictures of each plant as I water and show you run offs. Maybe you can detect something I don’t see wrong in the plants that’s causing the high numbers. It’s 4:58 am now, won’t start watering for a couple hours yet and you’ll be gone all day. Hopefully can catch ya tonight, have a great day.


@Bobbi and @bob31 you guy make a good team hahahaha


Yep for sure @Countryboyjvd1971

I can’t forget her name! Lol @Bobbi

Just post it and tag me and I will catch up. :+1::v::grin::palm_tree:


Some leaves look droopy, it’s because I haven’t watered them yet, very dry. Run off PH t.7 - TDS 996

PH 6.9 - 105X
PH 6.7 - 736
PH 6.7 - 653
PH 6.8 - 925
Ph 6.9 - 756
PH 6.8 - 106X PH 6.6 - 114X Plant on left (tall one) is the trouble maker that wouldn’t flower until a couple week ago. It’s the tallest at 37". Next to it is the plant I tripped over and broke off.


This is the top of the trouble maker, it’s flowering and behaving finally!


wow @Bobbi…super looking plants!


@BIGE @bob31 I think our friend here @Bobbi may have fibbed to us when she said she never did this before hahahaha looking good :blush: sister


she is a sleeper grower!


No way, this is mostly help from @bob31 and you helped me alot too @Countryboyjvd1971. I’ve read many forum questions of other too!


good strategies @Bobbi those two are some dandy’s!!lol


As much as I like to take the credit @BIGE and @Bobbi it was mostly @bob31 fielding your questions and getting in there to help out the most
Woohoo looking great :+1: sis


@Bobbi, it’s almost reefer wrapper time! Woohoo! Nice work there