Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


@bobbi you posted that 5 days ago? I’m sorry I thought you and I checked in a few days ago.

I will try and answer those questions…

  1. Readings below 1000 are displayed without the x10 and numbers above with the x10. Plants and soil are different and it’s not unusual to get different TDS readings.

  2. I water slowly so the water is absorbed and does not run right thru the soil and out the pot. You can give each plant a couple cups and by the time you get the last one done the first one will be ready to water with the next 2 cups. I take a few minutes and not down notes and start my journal entry so the time goes by quickly.

  3. Photos need a 12/12 light schedule to flower and it takes them a couple of weeks of 12/12 light to begin flowering. I wouldn’t recommend taking them outside and then bringing them back in. Too much risk of bringing unwanted bugs into the grow tent!

How are things going?


@bob31 Awesome! Today I had my neighbor help me water and it only took us two hours instead do 4. Today was nutrients day, week 7 and all my numbers were under 7. The humidity has been running in the 70’s in the tent with 3 fans. We finally plugged in the dehumidifier in the basement and humidity has dropped to 50 in the tent. (I think I’ll just leave that 3rd fan in there)The stubborn plant that didn’t want to flower is coming around. Thanks for answering some of my questions. I still don’t get why or what my TDS numbers I recorded today mean. See photo.


Thanks for neighbors!

Which plant is that? @Bobbi


This is the slow one that didn’t want to flower


The LEDs glow gives my eye fits, but she looks like shes full of pistils!


Yes, it’s been on the 12/12 for about a 10 days or so. 27th I think is when you told me


Well I’d say youre just about on cruise control now! Your garden is coming along great!


Thanks to you! I was just tell my neighbor the reason they look so good is because of my good buddy bob


Awwww thanks. You made me blush! Haha. Shoot you’re gonna be a master grower by the time we get done with ya!

Are you thinking ahead to what’s next at all?


I do want to try growing the seeds that fell out of last years plant, it was a northern ? Can’t remember now. I have 13 seeds that came from the plant and I want to see if anything comes out of them, see if they grow, have you help me separate the male from female, etcI purchased it here, auto feminized northern lights? We will be ordering some seeds too, if the white widow works for my migraine headaches, I’ll order that again unless I read about something better.


Sexing the plants is easy. How soon are you thinking about starting those @Bobbi ?


Not until I have the 8 plants out of the tent. I think my white widow will be out middle of August. I can put all 13 seeds in planter plugs, not sure what to buy. (are they all the same or do they have special formulated ones for pot)? See what sprouts and go from there. I’ve kept the seeds in a dark covered container in the frig since last fall, they should be okay.


Hey @Bobbi sorry I’ve been busy just catching up,now and still have more To go wanted to say looking great :+1:
Sorry I haven’t been around much


Hey @Countryboyjvd1971 it’s a lot of work catching up on everyone’s grows isn’t it?

Sounds solid @Bobbi

I use rapid rooters for clones but I do my seeds old school. Float them in water wait for the tail. Plant them in potting soil.

Many different ways to get the job done!

PS I’m 4 for four this way!


Yeah bob it’s daunting sometimes Lol @bob31
I’ve actually started picking what threads I choose to get started with more carefully lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 Either can answer or I’ll write out a ticket and post under new forum about my TDS numbers. I’ve recorded my numbers for the last 6 waterings along with the PH numbers. I have all the PH run offs, they are under control. The TDS are all over the map, not sure what they mean and tried to compare them to the PPM range on the chart you gave me @bob31 to print out. (General Hydroponics Flora Series) Drain to Waste Program. I’m in week 7. Only a couple plants were in the general range, the other 6 were way out of whack! For instance, the stubborn one that’s just starting to flower had a 196 x 10 TDS drain off a couple days ago. Do you have time to work with me on some of my stats if I post them or should I fill out a ticket?


No need to do a ticket.

What does the charts recommend for the TDS at this stage?


And the ones out of whack are they similar?


I’ll be around bob if you need me buddy but I’m sure you’ll get @Bobbi on track good morning bobbi


Thanks John. I will tag you again later so you can double check me. But I think I’ve got this @Countryboyjvd1971


I don’t need to double check you bro I tagged you in because your better at this then me hahahah