Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


What number should I be aiming for so I don’t waste so much of your time? I don’t want to tie you up all night.


it should be very close to 1500

I am doing a couple of other things and I just watch for the flag! No worries, kiddo!


If it’s X10, I need to calibrate to 150?


yes, the x10 will be showing below the 150


Okay, I’m at 151. It’s going to stay there. I hate this. I’m not going to do this agin.


THanks for your help Bob.


Lol hopefully it will stay there! Great job doing that. It’s not easy. How much did you have to turn to get it to 151?


A lot, I’m going to buy a new one.


You’re very welcome Bobbi.


If it was being jumpy like you described it might be worth it to get a new one. I’ve only ever used the blue TDS meter so I’m not sure about better options?


It has jumped off the 151 to 154, up to 158 in the last few minutes. I’ve just looked at some new ones and found one for 18.00, best seller and I need to add something for free shipping. I would like to get some fox farm soil, which one should I get, they have so many. (For my next crop)


Try happy frog. I’m using it on my new grow and I’m very happy with it!


Okay, is there only one kind? Is it potting soil?


Fox farms happy frog is the full name. I think they classify it as potting soil


I have a pic of the bag


I tell ya Bro. You really should start your seeds in a starter cube and let it start off healthy. Trust me. lw :slight_smile:


Thanks latewood, I’ll add some starter cubes to my next order. I was just needing some soil for when my plants get big enough to be transplanted into their big planters. What kind of cubes do you recommend?


@bob31 I watered today, did my stats. 7 plants in the normal range, still have the non flowering plant with a PH run off of 7 today, TDS runoff of 169 x10. I’ve been on the 12/12 schedule now for a few days, do you think the plant looks any different? Scroll back up a few and you can see the photo I posted last week before I went 12/12, then look at the one I’m posting now.

. Maybe I’ll repost them side by side.


This is the plant before going 12/12.

  1. Questions for anyone, why does the TDS meter sometimes read low numbers with the 10X flashing and sometimes high numbers? Today I had 3 plants, all with 985 TDS numbers and the other plants had 128 2.Question, Do you all really pour 2 cups of water every 5 minutes when watering plants? That would take me forever as I have 8 plants. It already takes me 3-4 hours to water when messing with PH and TDS meters and getting the nutrients and PH right.
    3,.Question, Do plants do better outside? I was wondering if I should take the plants that doesn’t want to flower outside for some natural sunshine. I’d have to leave it outside, don’t want to bring any bugs into my tent. I’m talking about the photo above, all the other plants have been flowering for weeks, this one is unsociable.