Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


What should the number be in standard reference solution?


I believe it is 1500


so what would it read on my meter?


I don’t understand what I should calibrate it too?


@bobbi put the meter into the solution and what does it indicate on your screen?


104 but I’ve been messing with it


104 but there is a 10x displayed under that, correct?

or x10?


yes , yes yes


x10 and ppm


ok so that means 1040 ppm. The Solution is 1500 I believe, if you could take a look at the bottle and double check that for me?


solution has 3 numbers on it, tio says 1500 ppm


ok so when you tested the meter in 1500 it read 1040.

On the back of the meter is a small hole. And you have a small screw driver that came with you set. You need to put the screw driver in there gingerly and turn the screw just ever so slightly. I believe clockwise will raise the numbers on the display.

Do you see the small hole?


yes, I have the screwdriver from yellow meter. Now the blue meter in the solution reads 997. ppm


Now it went back to X10 ppm 101?


do you keep it in the solution as you turn it?


Turn it in the opposite direction then @bobbi, I was going from memory so we all know how that goes, lol

If you can keep it in the solution you can do that but it’s ok to take out the meter and then place it back in. Whatever works!


its staying on 996


The screw is hard to adjust. My guess is the screwdriver isn’t on it.


what number am I aiming for?


don’t they sell some you don’t have to calibrate?