Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


3 weeks would be a long time to have all the plants in that cold temperature. Our basement stays at 68 degrees and it’s colder in the tent at night.


@bobbi beautiful! She is very close to flowering! Awesome!

The 4.0 is for testing/ calibrating the pH meter. You should have 4.0 and 7.0


maybe a timer for the heater?


I think they also sell, thermostat timers they are about $30 though


@bob31 I have a new heater, I think there is a 8 hour timer right on it but that wouldn’t do me any good. But a second timer is a good idea. Anything in tools/instruments I need since I’m in for the long haul. Next time I plant I will invest in some of the fabric potting boxes. These plastic buckets are heavy. My electric bill went up $18.00 since last month.


That is the one bad side of the indoor grow and that is the additional electricity! Growing MJ indoor is one of the best things to ever happen to the power companies!

Doesn’t the new heater that you put into the tent have a thermostat on it? Why not just set it at 65 and be done with it?

The cloth pots are a life saver IMO.

Do you have a couple pairs of sharp scissors for when you harvest? Don’t need them now but you will in a couple months.


@bob31 Yes, it has a thermostat and I do set it for 65 at night when I go to bed. But I turn it up around 4:30-5am when I get up, just won’t be able to until the 12 hours of darkness is over. So if it takes up to 3 weeks, it won’t delay the other plants from nearing the harvest date if they are cold, right? If so, I can always take out the one plant, did you look at the photo I just took of it? And yes, I have plenty of scizzors, I’m a seamstress. What about the cloth pots, I read a review that they leak all over and you have to water every day, all the nutrients leak out, that’s what the reviewer said.


Oh, you saw the plant, you said close to flowering, good. About the cloth pots, 5 gallon or smaller?


3 gallon for autos and 5 gallon for photos is usually sufficient.

What do you set it for during the day? The heater?


Sounds like an uninformed reviewer! One thing you don’t want is MJ Plants sitting around in wet soil. They need to be watered and then the soil needs to slowly dry out, which will happen in cloth pots. You do need something under them to catch the water.

This is what I use, something like this

I bought 4 or 5 of them at a job lot type store for a lot less than that too…

I imagine you could use any type of pan under them that works for you!

Some of the guys use a wet/dry vac to clean up after, but I just sop it up with paper towels or whatever


I will order them for sure. (Cloth bags) I set the heater for 77 during the 18 hour light period on my plants. Is auto a better way for me since I’m inexperienced? And I do have a shop vac. I can come up with some of those boot trays, seen them at Walmart.


Ok 77 during the 12 on and it gets how cold at night?


@bob31 mid 60’s or so, I ordered 5 of the 3 gallon bags, probably best to go with auto since they take care of themselves. Once I really know what I’m doing, maybe I’ll do the regular plants. I’ll need to think ahead for my new plants, what kind to get, etc. So let me ask you what kind of dirt you prefer to grow in. I used Fox Farm for the 8 plants I have now. ( I had to order it thru Walmart) What do you have good luck with?


My go to right now is foxfarm happy frog.

There are lots of good soils though. As long as they are organic and enriched with nutrients and perlite then it will work.
You might be able to find something locally that is as good for less $$ I’d look around locally and see what you can find.


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 Hey guys, needs some advice quick. Mailman brought my Standard reference solution today so I could calibrate my TDS meter and I broke it. The meter kept jumping from 136 to 151 in the solution so I thought the batteries were shot. I made the mistake of taking the batteries out to see if they were corroded, couldn’t get them back in. TIGHT FIT! I do NOT WANT another one like this, I’d rather pay more money for a better one. I gave up on it, just can’t get it put back together again. I’m going to order a new one right now. Please tell me which is a better one to order, I have the blue LCD Digital TDS Meter Tester Water Quality Ppm Purity Filter (TDS Tester)


I have the same one @bobbi and I’ve taken the top off and put it back on with no issues. It only goes back on one way.

this is the way it goes back together


okay, I had them in wrong. silly mw


pulling the batteries and re-seating them will make the meter a little funny for a minute as it runs thru a calibration check of some sorts!


how close do you get when you calibrate?


last time I checked mine it was 30 low or so. I just add that every time I use it. If the meter shows 350, I say 380