Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


Auto flower ? What light schedule is she on?


Auto 18/6what do you think? It’s growing like crazy, I though I’d flush it out next time I watered.


hello @Bobbi, i grow autos for the most part and my personal choice on lighting autos is 20/4 veg,and 18/6 flower…jmo


I did the same @BIGE

@Bobbi how old is this white widow? If she’s big enough you might need to go 12/12 to see if she will flower. I think genetics wise she may be low on the ruderelis (sp) traits that promote the auto flowering.


So, I should take this plant out of the tent and put in a dark closet or somewhere it’s dark and for how long? Until it starts to flower? All the plants are same age, started March 15 th


she needs a 12/12 light regime. You can leave them in the tent and just keep them all on 12/12 or seperate her and put just the one on 12/12 light


Should I NOT flush it then @bob31 ?


No don’t flush her she doesn’t seem to need it
@bob31 is saying that one plant may still have photo dominant genes and my need a little help kicking off flowering with a light cycle of 12/12 since your others are flowering already it won’t effect them by changing your times @Bobbi


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 Oh, so I can safely do ALL light schedule on 12/12 and the flowering won’t be affected on the other 7 plants, right? How long should I do the 12/12? Just until it starts to flower?


:+1::grin: that’s correct @Bobbi


@Countryboyjvd1971 I thought auto plants weren’t affected by light schedules?


They aren’t but sometimes a photo gene is still dominant in a auto plant occasionally and they just need to be tricked That’s what @bob31 was trying to explain that to you earlier
If you put it on a 12/12 it won’t effect the ones that are flowering at all and should trick the other into flower
Hope that helps you out bobbi


@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks for explaining, yes it does. Sometimes you need to pound things into my skull with a brick. I’ll put them on a 12/12 tonight. Tell me what you think about the lights on the two power strips, the tent isn’t completely blacked out with the red and green lights with light up the power stip on both of them. Someone said to put tape over them, do you agree? Also have to open the tent to turn the heat up in morning or down at night so 12 darkness is going to be interrupted…


If you can I would ive have mixed feelings about the light leak issue and I’m not sure what to think lol
In nature you’ll always have some light reflecting off moon etc ? I would put tape over just to be safe o did on mine lol
But again I’m not 100 convinced about the whole light thing ? But I’m not one of the administrators either so I’ll say put tape and 0 light when in offf cycle
That’s the company answer lol


when all else fails, quote the manual! lol

I’m with you john, I don’t think a tiny bit of light here and there will hurt, but better to err on the side of caution.

@Bobbi if you go to 12/12 have the lights come back on 30 minutes before you need to go in and check for the heat etc. That way the lights are already on


@bob31 That would mean the heat would be off for 12 hours. mid 60’s


You’ll be fine as long as it doesn’t drop below 50 in the tent @Bobbi I have a few outdoor it got down in the 30 for a few night all good


So a few nights of very cool temps? How long do you think it’ll take for this stubborn plant to flower at 12/12? While I got your attention, I have to order some more Up solution, what do I use to test the TDS meter to make sure that’s accurate?


once you switch her to 12/12 it could be a week or it could be as many as three. There is a test solution for the TDS meters too.

1500 ppm TDS Test Solution


Okkay, will add it to my list, anything else I need while my wallet is open. What is 4.0 solution for. See my plant in question, is this getting close to flowering, just took the picture now.