Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


Personal question for you, when you test your drinking water with the TDS tester, what do you get for numbers? I was watching some videos on using them, some guy was testing his tap water, bottled water, etc. Our tap water tested 393 which is high, made me take a look at water distillers. We are drinking this stuff!


Mine is generally at 365 or so as well @Bobbi

Can you take pictures of that plant again that your concerned with? White or natural light so I can see what you’re talking about. Does seem odd that such a low pH in would still come out that high.

When you water/ feed them how much water runs off?


Hi bob, what does do you mean phing


I changed what i wrote. I saw that you did pH the water after nutrients so I deleted that part.

Good morning!


my tap water is around 260 down here in the mid suoth.


I water them until water runs out the bottom, then write down the stats. I put in the nutrients like you told me to, then evened out the ph. Took it down to 6. It still came out over 7


All the plants are getting nice pistils on them except for this one? You want to see a picture do it now? It’s way in the back of tent. Look at photo above.


Nah next time you have a chance is fine @Bobbi morning E @BIGE


Hey @Bobbi I have water filtration system on my well water no water softener
I have over 500ppm before the filters and a little over 300 after I also have a IV light
I’m my case It all good minerals left in my water and my girls love it
I would suggest you take a water sample and get it tested so you know exactly what is in your water
Oh last question do you have city or well water if city water you can obtain a city water report from the water department on request or it might be listed on thier web site
Happy growing


Morning @Countryboyjvd1971 my town sends out the water report once a year with the tax bills or water bills I forget which.

@Bobbi are you noting how much water each plant gets?


We have city water. I was watching video’s last night on using the blue TDS and was intrigued by how dirty my water was, close to 400.


No, should I? I did name all the plants and started keeping stats on them all but haven’t paid much attention to water intake.


I think the TDS threshold for drinking water is either 500 or 600. Seems to me. Mine also goes up and down during periods of rain etc


Not sure what you mean by 500-600 threshold ?


Again if it’s city water you probably don’t have to much to worry about as far as drinking it
They do tent to treat it with chlorine i would check the report
@bob31 I wasn’t sure since I have well water I don’t get a water bill or anything?


Generally when you water them to runoff and you have one behaving differently then you can keep watering till you have 1/3 runoff.

If you water with say 32 ounces to get a small runoff then keep watering till you have given about 45 ounces and then collect and test the last bit of runoff.


This plants keeps growing and looks healthy. But doesn’t’ look like the other 7.


@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 No pistils forming on this plant like the other plants, this one seems to remain in a vegetation state. The leaf ends are curly too, might have gotten too close to the lights.


What strain is it @Bobbi it is showing sativa in it’s leaves for certain!

What light schedule is she on?


Auto 18/6White widow