Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


Yes, I used the 7.0 fluid, adjusted the little screw and put the yellow meter back to where it should be. All set and ready to go. Thanks guys!


PH Test indicator Wide Spectrum,

@bob31 Not sure how to use this, did your kit come with this too?


did that kit come with a little vile? @Bobbi


Yes, a little glass tube


ok,put some of the water in question in it… then add a couple of drops of test solution…
the water will change color to indicate what your ph is…
red being 4.0ph
yellow 6.0
green-blue 8.0-8.5


And I take it you check the color against the color on the side of the bottle?


yes ma’am you got it!


Yes @Bobbi it’s just a test kit to use instead of the meter its good to have if your meter breaks till you get another one. Their color matching can sometimes be difficult to interpret. Good to use in a pinch!


I didn’t see your reply E thanks! @BIGE


I just tried it with my drinking water, it is hard to tell exactly what the PH is.


yea it is a guesstimate!lol


Thanks BIGE for clearing that up. @bob31 So how’s the wheat grass coming?


you are more than welcome bobbi…


I’m shade color blind so that type of test is no good for me I bought it a tried couldn’t get it right for the life of me hahahaha


We harvested quite a bit of it. Boy it grows fast! I ordered more seeds and we’re gonna do them in smaller batches. Very easy to grow though! @Bobbi


@bob31 what and how do you use wheat grass? I googled it and see many medical benefits, just wondering if you/wife are noticing any help from it.


We add it to our healthy drinks. My wife has trouble sleeping so she makes drinks with a silver bullet using cherries watermelon and a few other fruits and veggies. Anyway we were trying to find wheatgrass at the grocery with no luck so when I found out how easy it was to grow I decided to give it a shot.

I was gonna do a grow journal type of log for it and if I can remember to actually do it I will tag you when I do it.

As far as any actual benefits we aren’t sure. I think overall definitely but we are making it different ways to see what helps the best but wheatgrass gets high marks!


@Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 help! I’m feeding nutrients with Ph water today. Have adjusted all the higher Ph levels from last run offs. One plant last time had a 7.3 run off so After putting the nutrients in the water I put Ph at 6, watered the plant. The run off was still at 7.1? I posted a picture. I measure the growth every week, it has grown 3" but hasn’t caught up to other plants as far as the pistols are concerned.

The tips of the leaves look different from the other plants too. The tips looks white and stringy. I think I’ll post this on another thread to see what others might think of the strange tips.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I have some high PH numbers after watering today. All the plants run off numbers were higher than what I put in but except for the first one. These are the run off numbers.
6.8 I adjusted the PH a little lower that 6.5
7.1 I watered with 6. PH on this one
7.1 I watered with 6.PH on this one
Someone suggested I flush the two plants that keep reading over 7, what do you think?


You can definitely try that @Bobbi water with 6.3 ph and test the run off as you go stop when the run off in the correct range on those two
The rest are in the correct range and I wouldn’t do anything to them