Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


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and no worries @Lornakins your going to get a lot of great help too!

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@Countryboyjvd1971 I adjusted the PH water going into two of the plants that had high run off numbers last time. I went with 6 PH water and the runoff was still 7 on one plant and 7.1 on the other? The plants both look healthy enough, just not growing very tall. Should I try using 5.8 or 5.9 ph solution on these next time? Next watering they are due for nutrients too. This is a photo of one of them


They look healthy to me @Bobbi
You can try lowering a bit more on water in and see if you can get run of into 6.8 range your not far off
So it should correct with one or two waterings


Okay, one other thing. The little screw driver that comes with the yellow meter. How do I check to make sure my meter isn’t off. I can’t remember how @bob31 told me to adjust it.


Page back up to your April 13th conversations with @bob31, hopefully that will answer your question. GW


Are those the same plants that came from the sick looking seedlings from April 4th. You’ve come a long way baby. Keep up the good work


Yes, same plants. I’ve had lots of help on this thread.


Your doing great. How long till you bloom? You know you can stay in veg stage til you think they are ready. But getting close. I didnt think those poor little things where going to make it in the beginning. Great job


These are WW auto, should be ready to harvest mid August if I counted right.


Thank you, I don’t know how you found that. It took me lots of scrolling back to find the instructions. Got it!


@Bobbi looks like the guys got you straightened out
Sorry for the late reply


I used tested my PH yellow meter and it was 7.2, two points off. So my two plants that tested high in PH wasn’t as high as I thought. How often do you test your meter to make sure it’s still where it’s suppose to be?


I have a meter that cost about 100 and it auto calibrates for me I just need to set in right fluid
But I do check it at least once a month more if i think I am having incorrect reading I also have a cheaper one I pick up as a back up that I did calibrate with the solution that came with it I will also periodically check that one to make sure it’s still fictional
Did your come with any calibration packets @Bobbi mine where under plastic in case of meter ?


No, @bob31 asked me the same thing. I never got the packets. But he told me to purchase the calibration solution 7.0 and that’s what I just used to adjust the PH meter.


Hummm that’s strange it should have can with some
Can you show me a picture of your meter so I can look it up so I can help you better Hun


I did get this tiny bottle of PH Test indicator Wide Spectrum, not sure how to use it?


That’s the same kit I have and it didn’t come with any calibration powders either so I think that’s just the way they do it in this particular deal.

So it came in at 7.2 and you adjusted the meter back to 7.0? @Bobbi


Ok @bob31 I was just trying to figure it so I could help her my friend
I think she just need to get 7 calibration fluid and confirm it and she’ll be good


Not sure?

I think she used the 7.0 fluid to check it already.