Sick seedlings 3/4" tall


@ bob31 I have all kinds of numbers which is weird since I have the same Fox Farm soil, put the same nutrients and PH in. Before watering plants, just with nutrients and ph (6.5: 699) This was 201 run off and 7.2PH run off.
TDS 272 x10 and 7.1 ph run off
TDS 197 6.5 PH
TDS 173 6.4 PH
TDS 179 7.1 PH So what’s the point of the blue meter TDS thingie?
I sunburned one of my plants when I took it outside a couple of days ago. Today I had a bad accident when watering the plants. I fell backward and landed in a plant, broke the whole top off.:sweat: I feel like a mother who cruelly mangled their child.


TDS is a measure of the solids in your water.

Nutrient manufacturer use the ppm of TDS to help guide us on how much to use
Anything that is 10x just means add a zero to the end. 250 with 10x would be 2500

Come back to that.

Make clones out of what broke off… And don’t worry it happens all the time hope your ok?

Let me go take a look at the GH info. The GH is three bottles are you using all 3 or ? How much of each into how much water?


I’m doing week # 5 like you suggested. I put what it called for on the chart you gave me and yes, I used all 3 bottles in gallon jugs.
I did put the broken top in water that was treated with nutrients,


ok sounds good on all that. I need to do some catching up but I will get back to you a little later.


Okay, you’ve been busy. I think I took on way too many plants.


this is a cut and paste from the GH chart.

see the 500-700 number? That is what your week 5 ppm should be: 500-700 ppm

so the 699 ppm was perfect. And not too worry if you go over somewhat. (As the TDS from the water may change somewhat)


@Bobbi to clarify … you watered 5 plants yesterday and all got 6.5 and 799 tds water with nutrients.

Did you note which strain of plants had the different ph and TDS’?

2 plants are spot on with ph and hungry for nutrients (low tds runoff)

3 plants are high pH with one being high TDS runoff and the other two being nutrient hungry.


I think I must have goofed up when testing the water because I put the same amount of nutrients in all the plants. I’ll be really careful next time I water and test. I never noticed the high numbers on the chart you posted before. (Above week 5). Like I said, I took on too many plants but I have a partner that will be sharing the harvest and she can’t help me with any of watering or mixing. She’s legally blind, the MJ is helpful for her eyes and pain.
Should I move to week 6 then @ bob31 ?


Yes @Bobbi if you feed them week five last feeding and it’s a week later I would feed week six
Just a FYI I water water feed water water feed I always water twice in between feedings the schedule works well for me but it’s not the only way to do it


@bobbi @Countryboyjvd1971 is one of my friends here on ilgm and he is very knowledgeable. He has a bit more experience with the nutrients and I’m hoping since I tagged him he will come back by and explain his water water feed technique so you can understand what he means.

Don’t worry too much about the pH and TDS numbers right now.

I’m happy with the going in numbers on both pH and TDS and I’d like to have you do the reading again next watering. I’d like you to use the format of
Strain pH TDS

I’d like to see if there is any correlation between the different pH and TDS with the different strains.


Okey-Dokey, will do. Thanks to the both of you!


Hey @Bobbi I’ve been following along here and was letting @bob31 help since I’m busy this time of year
So what I do is always water to runoff or feed to runoff
I’ll feed them water twice before next feeding always giving time for soil to dry out a bit in between I like to water when my soil is still a little damp usually which can take from 1-3 days depending how big the plants are and size of pots
My plants are in there forth week of flower and I’m watering every other day right now
Also I only feed once a week on average full strength
Nutes using the full fox farm line on nutes
If you have more questions just ask I’ll get back to you when I can I still work full time but do check the forum out as much as I can


work? Lol thanks for that John. @bobbi is just getting going and I appreciate you’re taking the time to explain that a little better!


I’m here if you need me brother you know that @bob31
And yeah lol I don’t really work but I need to be someplace for 8 hours a day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it hahahaha


I’m just curious about the time plants start flowering and the time until harvest. White Widow are suppose to be 90 or what someone else considered 100 day Wonder. Is that 90-100 days from seed to the day you actually cut the plant off from the root and dry it? About how many days from the flower to the day you start the drying process?


Those times should be from start of flower not seed @Bobbi
It will take min 12 weeks to flower


@Countryboyjvd1971 The plants started to flower 2nd week of May, the 2nd week of August they should be ready to harvest if the trichomes are ready. Right? @Bob31 I watered today with just the PH and recorded everything. The PH run off is always higher than what I put in? I make it exactly 6.6, maybe I should make it 6.5. I recorded the TDS too, numbers are all different, range from 164 - 210. The PH range from 6.6 - 7.3.


@Countryboyjvd1971 I was just re-reading what you said about your plants. You said your’s are 4th week of flowering and you water when feeling a little damp, every day or so? I worry about over watering my plants, we do have large holes in bottom of containers. Do you alway Water until water drains out the bottom or just give them a small daily drink when top 1" feels dry?


I ment every other day @Bobbi sorry for mis understanding
But yeah only water when soil feels dry / a little moist
Depending on size they will drink more or less
Can’t really give you a exact amount to water which is why we all water to run off it ensure full watering of soil in pot
You need to understand my plants are now tallest 5 feet tall and smallest is 4-1/2 feet tall with lots of flowers so they are drinking lots right now
I always water till I get run off always hun
Also watch the plants that have high ph run off you may need to adjust ph on those to get it lower


Why is ph run off so high? So, you’re saying I should mix the water below 6.5? What does your run off read?