Sick seedling, leaves folding, please help identify

I’ve got a seedling starting to show problems on the latest leaves. The leaves kind of fold over backwards. I’m hoping the problem is overwatering, because I continued spraying water on the leaves as roots were developing.

This is a Northern Lights seedling from 3 year old ILGM seed. Germinated first week of April, transplanted from AO rockwool cube to soil on April 25, Now 10 days after transplant. Older leaves look OK, newest leaves are deformed.

Soil is modified FF Ocean Forest, 7 gallon pot, same soil, temp, and lighting as the healthy GG4 clone next to it and the Hades clone behind it. This started indoor under 18 hours of light, moving outdoor next week.

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@Budlite what kind of modifications were done to the fox farms ocean forest soil?
Your girl looks like she’s rich in nitrogen. That’s what is causing the twisted looking growth. The soil is already pretty loaded with nutrients for seedlings. Just give straight water for awhile she should come back around, and start to grow normally.

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I just want to add make sure to ph as well

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@Covertgrower @Hogmaster My organic soil is Fox Farm Ocean Forest, plus coco fiber, worm casings, chicken manure, gypsum (Calcium), epson salt (Magnesium), and a little Ironite. This was soaked and flushed and let activate for 2 weeks before transplanting seedlings. I’m in 7 gallon pots, indoor grow room, 18 hours under lights, around 75 degrees.

So I backed off on watering for a couple days, now will flush and pH balance.
No bugs or fungus (yet).


Sounds like you’re right on track as far soil care goes, for an adult plant. @Budlite the chicken manure is probably what’s causing a lot of the nitrogen toxicity. She will survive, but I wouldn’t add any more nutrients for awhile.
Next time when starting seedlings, start them in a seedling soil, then transplant to a “richer” soil. You can flush some of it out, but the growth will still look funny for awhile.


Here’s an update. Northern Lights plant from ILGM seed, at 6 weeks:

For comparison, here’s a Gorilla Glue 6 weeks (same age) from clone:

The newer growth is more healthy but this is still a runt. Giving it lots of water, but holding off on CalMag and nutrients until it seems more robust. pH runoff is around 6.0. There’s still plenty of time for veg growth this summer.

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Update Northern Lights at 8 weeks from seed.

Still a runt in early June. But new growth looks healthy.
Some other threads celebrate runts that grow big; maybe the early stress stimulates growth later, or not.
Lots of outdoor summer weather ahead for veg.


I’m currently blaming the weird leaf problem as nutrient burn. I grow in my own blend of organic soil which may have been too hot, with chicken manure and other active ingredients. I let the soil soak and sit for a couple weeks before transplanting, but that may not have been long enough.

Update at 14 weeks veg.

Northern Lights, was a runt but now is as tall as my other plants. Leaves are small and very light green color. Seems healthy. It’s early July so I expect this to fill in and keep bulking up. Same soil as my other plants, but still blaming hot chicken manure.

Probably my next update will be weight of harvest.

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