Sick plant or easy prob?

About a week out from flipping the batch and saw this poor girl this morning. Was a fairly root bound clone a week ago, transplanted and fed/watered…let her dry for 4 days and just fed today about 1/2 gal water nutes at 800ppm- 6.5ph. same nutes the others have been getting but maybe a little less water- the others are getting closer to 3/4 gal every 3 days or so. Topped it a week ago as well, plenty of new growth where it was lopped off. Gently moved some dirt and saw lots of white roots searching out from the root bulb.

This pot is closest to the portable heater and 1000w QB (100w draw) light might have been 16” above so thought maybe heat/light thing but wanted to ask. She seems to be better now (6hrs after moving lights/feed/etc) but still not like the rest. The twisting/canoe leaves from what I’ve read could be 1 of a few things or combo. Thoughts? image|375x500

I don’t know to say, FUBAR to start. Photos of the others would help, it’s N deficient off the bat, why? Root burn? Light intensity N depletion? Feeding solution mixing mistake? Over watering/ root rot?
Do you have an intensive care unit?

not sure why the other didn’t load

this was a clone my shop had for close to free and I didn’t get much background, other than seeing the roots curling around the container and being tall and lanky…obviously sitting on the clone shelf too long so I took it to play with. Nova Plus line as per the posted feeding chart on the GH website - the others seem fine. thought this could be light shock moving from the clone tray Floror tubes to the high energy HLG stuff…roots look good, white and growing. new growth is good as well…just a couple pesky discolored leaves and the curl/canoe thing which I noticed a day or 2 after transplant so chalked it up to over watering which I have a habit of doing at transplant. just have the main tent and no ICU

Yup, light intensity shock, I think it’ll rebound just fine. Sucks not knowing what it is, every time grew a wonder plant it was male or undesirable genetics, I don’t gamble or roll dice, my luck doesn’t allow it.

You have some interveinal chlorosis which leads me to ask if cal mag has been used? N and Mg defs are present.

Yes on the Cal-Mag (5mg per gallon) Each feeding and they have been getting nutes every time I water

Thanks! Moved the lights up a bit over her for a couple days.
I do know it’s a female gorilla skittlez but as for how it was treated/fed etc that’s a guessing game (although I’m sure next time I see clone buddy he can give me the scoop). Was gonna go to the compost bin anyway so thought why not see what happens for $5. Not expecting too much but she’s on light/nute schedule with the others now so fingers crossed.