Sick plant or bugs? beginner 1st grow

My W.W. is telling me she’s lacking some sort of nutrient. Or has thryps and I hope that’s not the case but I’m too me at this to pin point exactly what it is. I feed a lil under recommend amount so I don’t burn or get nutrient lockout. And ph water at 5.9 to 6.0 but as u can see something is wrong maybe not enough nutes? I give Cal-Mag plus every water and I’m watering every day feeding 2 times a week is that enough? I’m using advanced nutrients coco connoisseur part A and Pant B. But it’s pretty if u have any thoughts on what it could need that would be amazing. And all plants where put in there 5 gallon pots at the same time but some are barely growing and the others look alright. Any advice I would love to hear it. This medicine is important to my wife who’s is deals with lupus and chronic pain. I need this to work. That u for reading. Cheers!

Also light height and intensity for this stage of veg. I’m running a sf-4000 at 45% at about 36inchs. Any help please and thank u!

In soil 6.3 to 6.8 is the ph range you want.

Seems you are growing in coco?

You need to feed every watering and you need to water frequently, at least once a day, until you get a little run off every time to keep the pot flushed.

The coco connoisseur has everything you need for growing in coco, no extra cal-mag needed and no need to adjust pH.

In my opinion ,and take with a grain of salt, which might conflict with others. I don’t see an issue. Yes I’ve only done 2 grows. But all of my growing i keep seeing plants look HORRIBLE with twisted crazy leaves . But they grew out of it. As long as you have your pH in check for your medium. Dont sweat it. I’ll follow along as this progresses !

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Awesome thank you u I’ve done one soil grow and this is first coco people tell me water every day or feed every day it feels wrong. Like o damn they are drowning. Bit I’m going with what y’all and reading tons of grows say. Any lil change in the plant and I trip out still. Don’t have the confidence yet. Hope to get there soon. Thinking about changing to nuke heads nutrients. They make amazing stuff and very easy to fallow. 44$ I think and that’s it it’s 2 jugs or 4. But way better that the 7-8 advanced calls for I’m just not there yet.

When I use the coco connoisseur perfect ph what should the ph come out to? I’ve had it stop at 6.4 but shouldn’t it be 6.0? And should I use a gallon jug every feeding to use the amount of nutrients it’s calls for by gallon and like u said water till runoff?

I also have 2 purple skittles that are sprouted 4 days ago. What’s should I feed them? Just ph water or nutrients or just Cal-Mag I’ve heard just ph water and cal-mag

According to the coco connoisseur web site one of the advantages of their products are perfectly balanced pH for use with coco. The other main advantage they claim is that they have the perfect blend of cal-mag in their product for use with coco, and their secret ingredient, iron.

No need to check or adjust pH and no need to supplement the product with additional additives like cal-mag.


One of the other notes on the coco connoisseur web site is that it is an advanced nutrient for growers with at least one years growing experience and everything else dialed in. You need to get caught up. Spend a few hours on this web site learning about High Frequency Fertigation when growing in coco. I’ve been trying it for a few months with great results so far.

Ok it worked. In my r.o. water the ph came out to 6.0 on the money. now I will water till run off and hope my ppm it’s crazy high because this will be the second run off feeding after transplant. Do u 5hink I will have to flush and when I water I just make a circle around the plant or just soak all the coco In The fabric pot?

Read the above link. You fertilize with every watering, you water several times a day ideally, and you water enough to get a little run off every time so that you minimize buildup of salts (nutrients).

Ok cool this is a whole 24 hrs after feeding how dry my coco gets. To dry? Or feed them when the top drys spray with a small amount of nutrients to keep top moist?!

Idk why the bottom right stayed so small. Could it just be the pheno type?