Sick Girl. Please help

This is Chronic Widow (Feminized, NOT Autoflower) in a 3x3x6 Tent and 3.9g AutoPots. Her light cycle is still 18/6 because I cannot get hear healthy enough to flip to flower. Her germination date was around march 10th
I am using Jacks 321 and pH’ing the water at 5.8
(3.8 part A, 3.1ish Part B(calcium i think?) and about 1.25ish Part C(magnesium, epsom i think?) per gallon.
I thought I was dealing with a calcium or magnesium deficiency, so those Part B and Part C doses have been boosted about 25% from Jack’s guidelines.

Grow medium is about 1-2 inches of clay pebbles and coc0 noir.


Welcome! Looks like they are hungry to me. Is this the first time you addressed the Calcium and Mag deficiency? I add 3-5 ml of Cal/Mag per gallon on off feed days. Some folks add it all the time. That might help if you just did that. Give it a day or two and see if it comes around. :v:

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Did this start with the bottom leaves? :thinking:

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Are you feeding these to run off and testing the PPMS and PH? :love_you_gesture:


They are in AutoPots so they should be getting plenty of food

I have been adding about 25% above the Jack’s nutrient schedule for Calcium and Magnesium for about two weeks now.

I dont think so. It all just kinda happens all at once.

They are in AutoPots. They are not top fed. There is no runoff to test.


I run auto pots as well and it gets difficult when 1 plant wants more or less than the others feeding from the same reservoir. What I did when I have one with an issue is I set her on top of the tray versus inside and I top feed her. Looks like she is needing more PK. Here’s few pics. Increasing part B and epson will only supply additional calcium, magnesium and sulfur. I would increase part A and top feed to run off. Results will take a few days to show and the effected leaves won’t recover or change :love_you_gesture:

Potassium deficiency

Phosphorus deficiency

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Actually, this girl is not sharing. She is the only one hooked in.

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Just wondering if it is airflow? Any fans?

That’s a good thing. What’s your Reservoir PPMs and PH?

I get PH drifts in my reservoir so I added a wave maker to keep the water moving and mix small batches to combat this :love_you_gesture:

about 4g of water, at 1200ppm in the reservoir and ph of 5.8