Sick girl please help identify sickness

My guess is that I’m dealing with a magnesium deficiency, but I’m not sure. Of my 3 Bergman Gold Leaf plants two of them are showing similarities. One is significantly worse than the other. This is day 35 from seed. I am using distilled water and am adding 5mg of CalMag to my other nutrients when feeding (2 times per week). Water is PH 6.5

I also did a foliar spraying a few days ago, but symptoms still seem to be progressing. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Whats the PH and PPM of the run off @cully ?

Water and feedings have been PH6.2-6.5
I don’t usually have run off as I tend to water on the lower end in order to avoid over watering. Soil is PH 6.5-7.0

PPM about 200

You really need to check PH in and out,especially if you are having a few problems same for the PPM just so you know your plant is getting what you give it, what foliar spray did you use? At your stage of veg i water to runoff and check everything PH and PPM going in same coming out.


I will water to a point of run off now and check both ppm & ph.

I used my feeding mix of nutrients as a foliar spray.

Just watered with PH 6.5
Run off is PH 4.7 and 1,045 ppm

Are you sure of your pH meter? PH 4.7?
That’s REALLY low!!!

Fairly sure of the meter. I ran the same test on a second plant showing similar but less dramatic symptoms and the results were as follows PH 5.1 PPM 800