Sick Gelato leaves

This is a Gelato in my second grow. First grow was great. This grow other 3 plants look great. Everything is the same… Light, water (rain water), PH 6.0-6.7, nutes (amount). Temp in tent stays 74-78, humidity around 55%. The leaves are curling up on tips and dying. Any thoughts?

What soil and/medium?

How old are they?

I’m no expert, just finishing my first grow myself and cut one of three plants yesterday.

However, with tips and death like that could be nitrogen excess in early flower stages?

There’s a support ticket that someone else can post lol

Nute burn panda?

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@Dclark Possibly. We don’t know what medium they’re using, and they only mentioned nutrients (amount?)… so there’s a lot of unknown.

I do suspect nitrogen toxicity however as a possibility. I super cramed my buds with nutes end of life before flush and started to get leaves burning and curling like that.

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Yes I made same mistake but I’ve tagged u on my thread to get advice browse

I am using the same soil (bought at local grow shop) as first grow. The nutes are Humboldts Secret Base A & B. I use middle recommended dose. Rain water every 2 days…not quite a half gal each. Nutes every 4 days… Same amount. First grow with this routine was almost 12 Oz Yeild from 4 plants… Autoflowers, and one was a Gelato (3.4 Oz). This plant is 7 weeks old.

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Testing runoff pH and stuff as well?

I only asked about medium as I’m using FFHF

I still suspect nitrogen toxicity though

Runoff PH? I test PH of rain water every once in a while. It’s always OK… Between 6 and 7. When I mix nutes I always have to add some PH up.

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So yeah, testing the water that comes OUT of the pots after you water. Seeing what the difference is between input and output.

Soils need to be around 6.6ish, 6.7ish I believe for proper nute absorption. Coco is less. For me I also had to add CalMag to my tap water (dechlorinated usually 24+ hrs).

Also, depending on soil you don’t need to add nutes in the beginning and have to go easy. Like FFHF don’t even add nutes for at least 4 some weeks at allllll, as the soil has a lot.

Anything with miracle gro is also ridiculously nitrogen heavy

No miricle grow used. I’ve never tested runoff. Acually I don’t ever get any. The amount I give doesn’t puddle up in drip tray. Should it? The thing I don’t get is 1 out of 8 plants is doing this. The other 7 looked healthy to the end of life cycle…

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Well, I’m new, so don’t take anything I say as gospel. I’m happy with my first grow and I’m at harvest sooooooo…

I do know cannabis needs and likes the drought/flood cycle. However it’s super easy to overwater at the beginning I’ve found out as well.

But yeah, should be drying out and watering enough to get runoff of water through the fabric pots. Helps to flush and disperse the water and nutes through the soil.

With fox farms you’re also supposed to use this sledgehammer flush stuff at a few points

Thanks for the info! I will cut back nutes on that 1 plant and see if it starts looking better. Really weird that it hasn’t happened on any of the other plants I’ve grown… All same routine. Thanks again!

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I had 3 plants. All same routine… and look… look at this disgusting mess hahaha

He’s come along great since that, and I had to transplant and whatnot, but it’s weird how each plant could respond differently

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Yes it is! I had a wedding cake that looked sorta like that one. It finally at around 8 weeks started looking good.


This cycle is an important part of my grows. I keep them thirsty. Letting the pots dry out before soaking them completely. I believe it’s the reason I see phenomenal root growth.