Sick Crop? I sure hope not:(


Can anyone please possibly help me out? I have a bad feeling in my stomch that this poor plant is sick or something! I’ve never seen anything like it, i hope whatever it is going on i just hope i can correct it sooner rather than latter. So with that said any and all information would be so very greatly appreciated.


Can you get pictures in regular light


@Majiktoker here it is.


Have you fed her at all and are they white tips?


@Majiktoker yeah I feed her once a week, I use Foxfarm Big Bloom. And the tips are white but it’s went down a little.


Maybe thats what she needed give her a couple days to respond to the feeding you gave her


Thanks @Majiktoker i will definitely do that, also i just started Foliar feeding her only 3 days ago once a day right when the lights come on. So now that I started that I haven’t put it in the soil at all because I understand it’s not good to do both. And I’m allowing 18/6 right now is this to much or not enough?


Too much or not enough what?


@Majiktoker Light I got it on 18/6 right now.


Oh, thats fine. Its better to give plants a sleep cycle


Okay awesome, thanks alot for the help @Majiktoker is very well appreciated. Oh another thing while I’m thinking about it lol she’s roughly 6 weeks old so I’m wondering when I should start the 12/12 if at all?


If she is an autoflower you wont need to and if its a photoperiod roughly about 2-4 more weeks really its your choice on how long youd want to let her veg @Cclm88 and my pleasure


Awesome @Majiktoker that I didn’t know lol so glad I joined this page/group so much valuable information to take and learn from! Thanks again.
Happy growing.


Welcome to the ILGM Boards @Cclm88 lots of good folks here willing to help out!

Consider doing a grow journal. We like to follow along each others grows!