Shutting down the tent

Well I decided to close and really clean the tent plus I have a dozen or more full mason jars of a variety of strains.

But it’s been only 4 days and I miss taking care of that tent. Thought I needed to a break but the call to start a few plants is very strong


If it helps, id take some jars off your hands, that way you can say, “i feel the need to grow some weed”.

Quote fron “top bud 2”


I have a planned hiatus coming up too. I am thinking about what I can do to make my growing easier, more fun, or different. This time I’m thinking of building a new scrog frame for my 3x3. I have one now but I can improve the design and its functionality. I may change out the lights too.

It is a great hobby that you enjoy , Watching the progress of the plants In different stages . Also a good challenge along the way.
Happy growing my friend ! :v:

If i ever take a break it might be in the hottest part of next summer. During july and August it was really hard and costly on the ac to keep my temps right. Otherwise i enjoy the whole growing process as much as the final trsting stages. :smoking:


Haha. Samsies!!! I’m out until the first
Plant is done :woozy_face: hurry Mary Jane I need some of you in my head! :joy::rofl:

Like to see picts of the new net when done as your designs are very good. Thanks in advance.

Thanks. I have to see what I can come up with. No guarantees.

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I think your ideas are better than mine for sure!

You can never have enough weed! Besides sometimes they take longer then you think to get to harvest, better to have some growing at all times.

I’m doing this in 4 weeks or so. Gotta redo the whole room for some non-grow purposes. Be strong! Nice clean setup to start again will be great!

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Agree!!! Sometimes its just nice to hit refresh!

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