Shut off valves! What works

Hey all I have the 4 pot xl system. It’s the newer 1 with the 3/8 lines and av5
I’m looking for some more/better valves, something like the ones pictured. The problem with these is that after pushing the hose in I can pull it back out way too easily. Anyone have a link to something that works well and is leak free? Thanks!


Your using the locking inserts and swapped the soft rubber for thicker pex line to use these correct?

Soft rubber = barb fitting

Hard material = quick disconnect fitting

DGZZI Barbed Ball Valve 4PCS 3/8-Inch ID in-Line Ball Valve Shut-Off Switch with Hose Barb for Drip Irrigation and Aquariums


Nope, I think I was doin it all wrong Bob. Lesson learned, thank you! My thought process was trying not to reduce the flow like with a barb connection compared to a straight thru


PharmerBob for the mf’in win! I’ve been looking for something like this to make my setup more user friendly and for whatever reason I wasn’t finding anything.

Maybe we should start a thread about customizing our autopot setups?


Thanks for the link. Just added to my expanding Amazon shopping list.


Yep, just ordered some!

I’m in, all I do is buy things to make them work my way anyhow :wink:


Please do! I am getting ready to place my order for a 6 plant set up. It would be nice to have an organized complete list of stuff to get for a newbie. A buy once cry one situation lol. I want to make sure I get everything I need in one order.

Doh!!! Don’t buy these, they’re 3/8” id / 1/2”od
Way too big

Sorry I just looked for 3/8” shutoffs I apologize


No sweat Bob, I checked them out myself and it wasn’t easy to catch. I just didn’t want anyone else to make the same mistake. I ended up ordering right from autopot

I bought them anyway to see if they work :rofl:

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I hope that we can find something that works. I bought some tubing from Autopot and the shipping was effing obscene. 3 - 5 ft. lengths, one elbow, and one of each silicone stopper and shipping was almost as much as the stuff I ordered. To add insult to injury, they are out of Pittsburg which is only a couple hours away!

Ordering from them in the future will be a last resort.

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I just placed an order as well, I think shipping was only $5… web hydroponics might be worth a look

They work just take a bit of heat and lube to make them slide… they’re definitely same diameter of interior of 3/8” autopot tube tho, which makes it tough to start


Aight never mind that’s a pain in the Ass! Don’t get those unless you wanna cus me out


Lol, I have others on the way!

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What did you end up finding for shut off valves? I still need to get some.

Ordered from autopotusa

Ok thanks :slight_smile: