Shrinkage after harvest

i have harvest a couple of my plants and stored them in a jar ,just noticed a lot of shrinkage almost 90% and really wet ,the remains is now drying in the sun ,i suspect sabotage and theft or did something go drastically wrong ?

Do you have any before and after pictures? Did you do them we’ll first or just them wet and leave it closed? Smell rotten or mildewy?

kept opening the jar to let it breathe it was 3/4 full and now what you see in the pic is left ,more i think more apparant is that i have been robbed ,just can’t understand why the rest is so damp

,the marks on the bag are just where the dye has run ,that is how wet they are !

Did you hang dry them prior to the bag method? Next run you may want to look into Boveda packs for mason jars. They take all the guess work out.

If it was 3/4 full, there’s no way it would shrink like that. Think you have a thief among you.


Definitely wouldn’t shrink that much. Lay it out and count what you have left for buds. But you need to dry for at least a 5 days I’d think before you can bag

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more i look whats left the more i think you could be right ,what’s left is more or less silage !

If it was loose, untrimmed with a lot of leaves, then it will seem to be much less as it dries but not that much.
If you just put a bunch of fresh cut plant material straight into a paper bag then you need to radically change your harvest technique.

How/when did they get from the jar to the bag and how did they get so wet?

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that was what i thought ,obviously first thing was the theif tipped water in to destroy what was left ,about 7 buds ,after harvesting 2 plants, no someone removed most of them ,just have to carry on ,not the first time the person i suspect has done it .thanks for all the pointers and advice !

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Do you have suspicions on who the culprit may be?

Sorry man. That’s a bad hit

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oh yes !

Got any kids in the home?

no ! my grandaughter hasn’t been here for over a year !