Showtime - Outdoor Mid July Progress

I’ve got 7 different strains going. They are all clones at different stages. Pic was taken the end of June.


Az sunshine working its magic. Got a couple autos i started april 10th that are on there last weeks in there too. 11 plants all different strains. Mostly ilgm with 3 that are not.



@HippieRunner1 great looking bushes!

What strains do you have going?

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Thank you! This year we have 5 Sticky Ickys, 3 Graps Jelly’s, 1 z-dawg and 1 Lemon Tree Punch.

That lemon punch sounds like it will smell amazing.

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August 2nd progress

Bugs have been trying to ruin my good time. JDB had been working as a once week preventive. Saw early signs of spider mites, leaf hoppers, ear wigs, stink bugs and lots of flies caught on sticky traps.

These girls need to flower faster…just took the bulbs out of my walkway lights…

I’ll keep battling the bugs and feeding and we will see what we get…

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I don’t have a clue what I am doing wrong other than I couldn’t get them started until June 1 now August 3 and only 2 feet tall they are Jack Herrer


@New_to_the_game that plant looks good!

Every year they get better and you learn more.

I’m still learning on my 5th or 6th grow…lol

I’m hoping to grow some around 4 feet tall, maybe next spring I can get them germinated in say oh I don’t know, start them indoors around may or even april

Sorry I was just looking at your pictures and yes that’s how I would like mine to come out. I’m lucky to get an ounce per plant. I’m sure I should be able to get at least a quarter pound per plant

I probably start too early for most.

Around St Patricks day I start germinating seeds, and plan to put outdoors the first full moon after mothers day.

Then i hope they rippen enough before the rains roll in September…I literally have to watch the weather in Sept and if rain for more than 3-4 days, I know it’s time. Otherwise mold sets in because they dont dry out in the fall sun after prolonged rain.

Oh I also put fans outside to drie them off after rains during budding…little tricks I’ve learned along the way.

So we are rather late to this post, sorry for that, but here some pictures from 7/19/2022 of our greenhouse. We are running (top picture down) Super Silver Haze, Bruce Banner, and Super Skunk. They are in a 10x24x10 greenhouse we built this year. We also mixed our own recipe of “super soil” picking and choosing different elements from Down to Earth. Chelation took place from March to the beginning of May, and all 3 where originally topped and 4 way LSTed. Germination took place on 2/14/2022 and moved from the inside on 4/30/2022 because we cut it too close with the inside growing space (an extra foot will be added next year to avoid this issue) and placed into 200 gallon fabric pots.


Wow! They look happy. You got 3 of them in that 10x24? I have a 12 x20 with 8 plants in it. Needless to say its full.

Thanks! Yes, there are only three in there, and next year we plan on only doing 2 in there, we have videos of them on our YouTube that goes over them better. Tomorrow we will put a video on the Super Silver Haze after watering. We will keep 2 on the inside year round since it frees it up. That is definitely a full greenhouse you have there (lovely pictures), what strains did you do?

I got a mix of ilgm with some others. Super lemon haze, goldleaf, chocolope, runtz, gmo, the spice and too cool an exotic genetics free b. Just started flowering last week. Sprouted on 4/20
I forgot about my afghan. So 5 ilgm strains 1 twenty 20 mendo. Gmo was a free b from north atlantic seeds.