Showtime - Outdoor Mid July Progress

You know you wanna show them.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, lol.

My girls look too be doing OK (seeds started 3/17)… but a heat wave coming next week up here in the northeast.

This year’s strains:
Big foot glue - pineapple upside down cake- grape diamonds- purple majic - amnesia haze- gramps stash x 10th planet… I’m forgetting a couple…

Happy gardening!


This purple majic is reaching!


Gold Leaf Feminized photo. Started indoors in mid March.



Nice! That is a great setup!

How did you keep them so short and full?

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Last week we in a heat wave now


O see you got some humboldt seed co strains. I want to grow some of that too. Not this year though. I went with twenty 20 mendo, the spice and snow g. Chocolate mint og- that one looks good. Anyway, good lookin grow✌

Some shots of my stuff. I got super lemon haze, afghan, goldleaf, runtz, chocolope, gmo cookies and the spice dont forget about too cool by exotic genetics. I really do love growing marijuana


Your garden is looking healthy!

My favorite thing is trying new genetics.

A lot of time LSTing. My overall goal at the end of the year is always to have healthy full plants. Number two on the list is to fill the net space. I don’t really worry about monster tall plants as long as I can get a nice thick canopy.
Basically plant manipulation when you really think about it. Train her to grow how you want but still be able to express each pheno.


The hippies know what they are doing with the LST.

Been watching videos for years on LST… it works!

Nice setup! Wish I had the room for it.

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I don’t do much tying down or topping. I did some years ago. I probably did not know what I was doing No I let them grow clean out the insides . Sometimes I get a plant and I punch the ends or tips. I am playing with some 100 percent sativa plants now and One I really picked on it it lost its Sativa stance it’s large tear drop.

Dr Lester Grinspoon strain.


Nice plants


I like the leaf structure. Reminds me of the islands. What’s the flower time on her?

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I like your technic. Thats a great way to keep her low but high yielding and healthy. Fantastic set up.


Im gonna string mine at the 7ft mark in my green house. Similiar to a scrog net but i will be tieing off each branch. You’ll have to see it in about a month. But ya, end goal is a canopy about 6 to 7 ft up with perfect separation. Its only that high because i have the head room or else id be going your way. Keep us posted, id like to see your stuff in another month.:v: nice work@Hippierunner1

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It is stated 110-115 days I’ve heard it take 120+

Thanks… My plants, look at that thing. Looks like a glob e juniper tree. And a big one at that, very nice.

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No shelter and very little shade



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