Showing off my LST job

This is my first grow

Some LSTing and some accidental super cropping ended up filling up the tent nicely. Two plants in a 3x3

There’s a third little auto in the picture but I need to find a new home for her


Looking good

Good job! You gonna get high!

What are you growing? Well done.
My 3x3 is full-up with 4 NL

off color because I left the light on


I bought the Widow mix pack. My wife dropped one of each into peat pots and two didn’t make it. None were marked. So, that’s the unknown widow. If I had to guess, it’s white widow just because she came back from almost certain death to grow into a rock star. She’s in the back right corner in the Home Depot bucket.

On the left is a Black Widow. She has been trained to grow almost completely horizontally. I hope this doesn’t become an issue when her buds get big.


Nicely done. Did you top your plants? I’ve been in Veg for almost 10 weeks. Just flipped her yesterday.

Yes they were topped 2x. The first topping was at 3rd node for 3 and the 4th node on the 4th. All have received LST using staples or ties. They each have numerous flower sites just below the canopy. I have some selective thinning to do before I but the net over them. I did a couple of topics on topping. Lots of before and after pictures.
My first grow was WWA - and agree they are indestructible. They had to be to survive what I put them thru. :sunglasses:

Looks great you did awesome for a first time!

this was posted to Northern lights training continued

@beardless you inspired me.

I saw your 4 plants and thought, man I could drop 4 WW seeds, top them at the right time and cut my veg time in half. I’ve been in veg for what feels like forever. 10 weeks for the Black Widow, 11 for the other. Maybe I’ll even get a second closet set up for growing!

Off to Ace I go.

How long did you Veg your girls?

55 days

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