Showin off some more of the Harvest

This is the top cola from the Zkittlez Auto and the rosin was fresh pressed from the other Gelato auto that I had pressed with the nugsmasher mini!


That wax looks legit

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What temp do you press at? I’ve been wanting to try my hand at it. Just not sure at what temp to heat the plates too. Since I have a press in the shop anyway, was gonna make plates with a pid controlling heat elements from a former hydrographic tank. The ads for the mini show 207? What temp you get that beautiful wax at?

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you don’t even have to work that hard to build your own. Look at amazon for flat hair irons. There are some cheap ones that the controller is built in. all you would have to do is remove the housing. and mount to press plates. see link below at the one i was look at to do this kind of DIY. Not 100% it will work but in theory is should. : KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Digital LCD Display, Dual Voltage, Instant Heating, 1.75 Inch Wide Black. : Beauty


You definetly can get the results from a flat iron but in my opinion it is 1000000000000% worth it to buy a nice press. I spent the little extra to get a nugsmasher mini and it is worth every single cent! As far as the temps that I press at the rosin in the photo was at 190F but the big thing is I pressed it for a total of 3 and a half to 4 mins. 1 min of warm up time with half pressure to get the bud starting to ooze and and once I see that I give it the major squish! Good luck to ya and happy squashin


The pid is already built into a computer case. For the element. Was a home made dip tank before they got the $10’000 dip tank. Which that’s all long gone. Replaced by metalworking machines. I just need to know what temperature to set the pid too. Which I do now. Tyty. Now I just gotta put the press back together and decide whether I want to keep it screw, convert to hydraulic (slap a bottle jack in) or try to do both. Will probably slap a bottle jack in it for ease of use. It’s by no means a small small press. I’d guess it weighs close to 300 lbs, so pretty small. But not tiny. I heard all about using a hair straightener and standing on it to make wax in con college. Pretty much everything heard in there is best left alone. Lol.


would love to see pics when put together.

Will be a few weeks at least. The engineer has to go out of town tomorrow for a week, for work, tomorrow. Then right back to the east coast to drive a uhaul back. I’m not trying to lift the top on the base solo. Lol. But for sure, once we slap it together I’ll show how it operates.

@Budz i have the dulytek dm800 and the dulytek dhp7 the dm800 was like 200 bucks good for a gram to gram and a half at a time. If u enjoy dabs go bigger tho. The 800 broke on me at weld allthough i did put alot more force to it than i should have. The dhp7 is with a 7ton jack cost like 450 but does some serious damage to buds lol. Works great cost half the price of nug smashers. Makes some pretty good wax too. Lol. Big round is mac oressed little round is forum cookies pressed and the square is 10th planet pressed

The to be modified press. I’m not sure if this is the top to this one. Think I have two. Either way, that’s all heavy plate and tool steel.

May use these old molds to make my plates.

Yeah that’s the right top. Bolts right into the heavy red base. I don’t see the point in spending money when I literally have everything on hand already.

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Should of grabbed a better picture. But here’s the computer tower turned home made pid and the elements it was made to control.

So now I just need a sturdy enough pocket. Still thinking about how imma do it exactly. But everything’s there to do it. Hardest part already done. My bro wired up that pid drunk af. Years ago. Works great. Manipulating metal is easier than wiring that stuff. To me anyway. My mill has auto feed… lol

Thought about using tool steel for the plates. But don’t see a reason to not use that bilit aluminum. Would have to use a cherry picker to lift the tool steel up to the mill. Was part of a gun lathe table/jig. Maafks 350lbs.

Either way. It’s definitely not gonna break. That press has already lived a long life of pressing bushings and bearings.


@Happilyretired makes home made presses and might be able to throw u idea. He made a pretty bad ass 12 ton

Ran injection molds for years! Them suckers r heavy! Resourceful man!

Pocket meaning for the heating elements, so they can do their job and not get crushed. I forget the actual name of them. But they cost more than all the pid components and the press combined. Since one of them maintained a 30 gal hydrographics tank temperature. Kind of like how sous vide cookers work, except industrial.