Show your grow room


Hello all. I was searching through here for ideas on how to set up my grow room to make it easier on me. I noticed there is no real thread where it focuses on details and pictures of other members grow rooms.
I thought if there was a place, like this where one could go and see how others had set up there grow rooms, It may give others some great ideas that would not have been thought of other wise. I have sen some down right awesome grows on here. So I know there are lots of great ideas out there just waiting to be shared. I am still looking to set mine up better.

Hopefully is is ok to start a thread like this.

What I was thinking is a description of what you have done with pictures :grin:

Mine is very simple.
I have two 450w & one 300w Viparspectra LED lights. I have a 6" powermaxx fan/filter set up that I really like. I mounted it on the top right side of the tent
I cut up a twin bed frame that was part of a bunk bed set up to use as a rack running all the way across the tent. It is 4’ long and 19" wide. For side extensions, I am using a refrigerator rack that is zip tied to the main rack. I picked up some plastic storage containers to catch the run off water. easy to empty.

The bed frame

The racks

And filter

Thinking about starting a perpetual gro

This is a great topic @Not2SureYet, my room is still very much a work in progress even though I am about 1/3 of the way through my first grow. It is coming together as needed (often barely in time). I will get some photos and descriptions put together and post later in the week.:+1::+1:


My grow room is a work in progress as this is my first attempt. I have three tents - one for sprouts/clones and seedlings (2x4x5) and two for flowering (both 3x3s one is 6’ and the other is 80").


The seedling Veg tent

The 3x3x6 flower tent with a 450Viparspectra

The 3x3x80" flower tent with 2 400w Roleadro Cobs

Grows are going well so far - though work still needs to be done to get this set up dialed in just right. @merlin44 post your set up when you can!
Best, Jeb


Love this thread. Just what I need to finish my grow tent @Momtomask I love the idea of the small tent for seedlings and clones