Show your giant trees

Want to see who has big trees. I’m going to start my tree is train wreck standing in at 109 inches lol. She was topped at 90 inches. And 57 inches wide. She’s been vegging 22 weeks. I grew this because my buddy made in front of my little auto flower indoor grow over the winter. She’s about to flower think she has some more growing to go. Also made a lot of clones off her. LETS SEE WHAT YOU HAVE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN


Gonns need some pics here!!! 109" is pretty massive!

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I got 5 pants on my deck , all 9-10 footers


I’m forced to only grow indoors. What kind of finished harvest do you get from plants that size?

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Here you go. Guys and girls. Thought we would have had some massive trees by now. Where are my big trees at?

Here’s my tree 109 or more now. The cage is 8 feet tall.

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Mornjng. This is my first big tree I have grown. A normal size train wreck harvests around 500 grams. I should get 7-800 off this tree.


Very nice. Still not legal where I am I can only do a few trees. Beautiful. Well done.

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Not legal here either. I want to grow outside but I haven’t worked up the courage. I’m on 5 acres in the woods so maybe I can do it. I’m just not sure what kind of tech the bear in the air uses to find it.

As you can see I put them in pots around the pool they just blend in fortunately I have woods around 3 sides.

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That’s a mighty impressive deck you have there @Dlan0926!! Are you sure the supports on your deck are gonna hold those big beauties?? :rofl::sunglasses::metal:t2:


So your a plantation owner @IslandGrown76?? :rofl::rofl::metal:t2:


Hahahaha!! Well, I try.

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@Bamarayne use that tree line and inner clearings that get lots of light coming thru

Just don’t plant straight rows
It’s better if you plant them apart from each other
Use that duckweed or bloodweed to your advantage as camo too

In the city we also use jasmine trees purple flower tops to throw them off from above

Think like hunting season everything is camo
Nothing white or reflective

Just some tips from someone in the south dealing with that for years


That’s great too funny. I think they bending as I’m looking at it. Lol. This strand is known to grow huge I loved it growing up had to grow it

What strain is that pretty gal??

Train wreck. They get very big if you don’t tip them early enough. As I did. Lol. Clones are more manageable there 5 feet.

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