Show us your pet(s)


Thank you! He is definitely good at his job. Almost too good LOL


@Holmes. My man. She is a true pothead.
She ate a fiver when she was 9weeks old and we’ve been golden ever since. Still looks for treats when I’m havin a puff. :grin:
All I have to do is open the can and she’s rt there. I’ll stll let her have the odd taste once in awhile.
She was kind of mothered by my cat at the time. Does the full head to tail body slide like a cat against ur leg and at 85 lbs it can catch me off guard sometimes. :wink:
Peace. :v:


@Oldguy That’s cool. I love it when you got that connection . I had a Schnauzer who ate a joint and man when I would fire one up he was like a shirt pocket ,he was there. I have a 85- 90 lb Shephard who likes to play tag, take you legs out from under you if you run


Mine will still take running sessions as well. :grin:
Haven’t taught her to catch mice yet though. :roll_eyes:


Hello @Mrcrabs, I have had several dogs throughout my life, but never had one have any interest in weed. My new service/Disability dog is a stoner. I never mentioned it because I felt people wouldn’t believe it. My miniature Dachshund is 7 months old, and in the past he would attack my plants in the afternoon. Run around for a short period of time after eating, so he would paw his way into the Bed. Within minutes he would be passed out. I had to elevate my plants, or keep them apart. I stopped it; however, my acquaintances keep telling me to let him get stoned every day. I am sending him for training soon, but I don’t want him to be the dumbest dog in the class!!! Thanks for sharing your story. Now I know there are other people who have been through the same issue. Have a great day


My guy and he is a chillin !..:v:


I take my cuttings and larger leaves dry them out and spread them over my dog’s food, his hips and energy have gotten better “Organically”…:+1::thinking::v::grinning::sunglasses::ok_hand:


Awww I want a dog like this one! Adorable! Thank you for sharing this cute picture!


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