Show us your pet(s)


Here’s a few screen shots of my cat Oliver. He just realized he likes watching certain movies on the television. Here’s one of his favorites, K-9. I had a German Shepard that also would sit there watching the movie but not like Oliver. He also likes football and his favorite team is the Patriots. I wish I could post the video but here they are.

And for all those that don’t think he’s really watching.


My cat used to look behind the TV for the people.


He does that too and looks on the floor if something drops. lol


I just feel like I need to share our ILGM office cat, Dory!

When she just arrived here!

Today! Lost a front paw but she’s a trooper. :tiger:


here’s Barney an American pointer ready for a ball to be thrown he takes his ball serious


Glad to see she’s okay, what happened to her.


I think the dogs like them too, especially when the tail wags as if to say…" scratch my nuts please"


Thankz, ur 2.


Hahahaa, nooooo, they like little scratch on belly.
They love belly scratch.


She saw a dog and instead of running off she chooses to jump through a small window, disappeared for 2 days. After that, the wound in her leg was too dirty to heal properly so they had to amputate it. :sweat_smile:


Hehe, region where i live, we have New thing now goin on. Pet insurance is New thing. But now thinking on… if U have many pets this can be good thing, vets here are so expensive… Cat broken leg 1200$, every shot 100+$, sterilise a dog 1000$etc…


Same over here!


My sassy redhead, just recently returned to us. I am training Ruby to run barrels and extreme trail riding.


Watchin tv with dad in her new to her chair.
My 9 year old lab/husky mix. Always lets me know when someone enters the 600 ft lane. Gonna share that j dad


Loki playing with his new toy


My guard dog chillin!:dog::paw_prints:


Beautiful husky there @Missiles.


Thank you :wink:


That dog knows you man, you can see it in his eyes. After a while they just settle in and he is settled in. Good friend I bet.


Sharp body guard you got there @Missiles, nothing like a devoted buddy.