Show us your pet(s)


Good looking young fella you got there @crazyots. From the size of his feet, he might be a big guy before long.


He has Rut in him so could be.


Giddy up!


Chaos. My chow chow And new Loki my new bengal


Loki’s dad,a normal bengal

Loki’s mum,a silver bengal


And finally Loki


That is one gorgeous kitten!


Thanks brother,he’s a cheeky fella


Chaos reminds me of a Chow I had 20 years or so ago Cogi (named by my youngest) no matter where they where he would stay between a stranger and the children, if they move towards the kids he would get right in their your way, and you did not want to press any farther. Loki is a Great looking cat too, how could you not love that face?


Here are my two boys comfortably snoozing away.

Walker as best we can tell is an American Dingo, Plot Hound mix

and Willey I think is a English Fox Hound

Both are rescued from southern kill shelters. Walker from South Carolina and Willie from Mississippi. They are living a much happier life now.


Boston terrier puppies born in August all are gone but mother and one puppy and my wife with our catahula
We have 3 dogs a cat a rabbit 4 goats 12 ducks and 15 chickens



brownie has a 1/4 to 3/8’’ slit on the pad of his front paw… slightly swollen,with a mild limp…
who’s our community vet? @highcountrygal @Myfriendis410 any help would be apprecated…


I think you should take him to the vet for stitches.


maybe tomorrow,i’ll call in the morning…


If its not infected or bleeding freely you can close it with super glue.


Yeah, super glue will work for now till you get him to the vet.


That’s what I did for Kush when he cut his. Also corn starch will clot any bleeding.



Watch out for infection. That’s really why you want to get your pooch to the vet. Hope Brownie’s ok. :grinning:


A couple pics of my girl Tess a rescue dog i got when she was 6 weeks old. Sadly I had to have her euthanized 3 months back being close to 16yrs of age, that be like over 100 in human years I think. Unfortunately her body let her down in the end with bad arthritis, otherwise I think she would have got closer to 20. Never a health problem in her life, just the odd vaccination here n there.

“I’m a bit cold, better sit right on top of the heater until I start to cook”