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I was wondering, but I’ve not seen one in such a long time. I’ve had sporting dogs for the last 20 years.




Kush will be 2 yrs old in 6 more days. My mother made the grand-dog some frozen dog treats for his bday. Ever see a dog with brain freeze? It’s almost as entertaining as peanut butter :rofl::joy:


My dogs birthday is today! This is Butters, she’s 10.


Awww, Happy Bday Butters


She got an extra birthday greenie today.


Awww! Happy Birthday, Butters!


Especially a little (peanut butter) right behind the top front teeth, funny as hell!


Looks like chicken nuggets… :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


Now that you mention it :rofl::joy::rofl:


She looks like she’s spoiled! Sooo sweet looking! :grin:


Love upside down sleeps


They always make funny noises when they sleep like that. Good looking buddies you got there @beginner2d


I double dog dared her to give the cat a surprise Hello.


Caption: So that’s, the Cat’s Ass, I’ve heard mentioned. Let’s have a better look



Introducing lil bill , Newest member and most productive member :+1:t4:


Brownie is a beautiful dog @BIGE


Our new Puppy