Show us your pet(s)


Mine eats everything (but has week stomach so throws up a lot hahaha)


Mine will cry at the mini fridge where she knows the watermelon is. Lol They’re so smart.



OMG, they’re both gorgeous!


He’s a ditch cat I found 15 years ago, while I was driving cab at 20 below.

She’s a big, stinky, sweet 8 y/o lunkhead.


She looks like a Maine Coon.


Our cat won’t let the dog get next to her without hissing at him but he wants to play all the time.


Here she is out hunting but the lizard got the best of her!


The girls are waiting for their after dinner treat !


My parents used to breed Cairn terriers and I always thought they looked so similar to yours. It was long before smartphones, so I don’t have any pictures other than Toto. The most famous Cairn ever @Alex.Andra


Mine get theirs at bedtime.


Which would you pick?

I’m trying to get a feel for wether or not to get a light male.


My other dog & all 5 cats. Flash eyes are trippy!


My boy Anakin… I’ll have to get a pic of his twin sister lil doodle tomorrow…She’s tucked away for the night with momma !!!


Haha i love how your pet lizard hounted herself/himself a cat :wink:


Hahaha i gues Cairn Trrriers look similar. Even more than similar only Ozzie is white… Or maybe should be white… But in Ireland with this constant rain its hard to keep him that way


Those are both cute pups but I lean more towards the darker color than the light. Just has a cuter face.


Love them both… Can i have them pls?


Not this time. All 10 were sold by the time they were 4 days old. So he is a Cairn. Haven’t seen one in 25 years up close. Brindle was the closest to white that I had seen back then. They make great pets. My parents would usually sell them all within 3 days and that was when you could only advertise them in the papers.


No no Ozzie is westie :slight_smile: