Show us your pet(s)


My fishing partner and Capt of the ship!


Good looking dog @BigJon Jack looks happy hmmm Happy Jack? Mind works funny sometime, anyway welcome to the Forum, if you want to talk WEED you are in the right place.


…they couldn’t prevent Jack from feeling happy!

I’m just wasting time posting nonsense until my seeds comes in. Grow tent is set back up and second led light arrives tomorrow! Once everything is in place I’ll be back talking weed and asking questions until everyone gets sick of me. :wink:


My two cents :upside_down_face:


OMG, they’re beautiful!


Yeah. Thanx. I know. Theyre awesome. Male is like a fox, he climbing everywhere where he can. Pictures are in my pc, I add them later.
Female are calm as pea. Very graceful dogs.


What breed are they? I can’t remember.

Oh, wait, are they Newfoundland?


Jeesjees. Mountain Rescue dogs. Summers are such hard time for them. But winter and snow,they just love it! When snowing its fantastic picture when they dissapear under the snow.


I’m all out of likes but they’re beautiful dogs.


Ahhh, I’ll bet they love the snow! They look like they could pull a sled. Lol




@Familyman haha Precious :smile:
Yeah, Female is a lazy, but male, yeah done that.
Yes he can :upside_down_face:


I’m a nerd. Sorry


3 week old puppies wanting to get fed


OMG! They’re so beautiful!


Every one is sold already. Sure a lot of people who like Goldens


Goldens are the best doggies!


People really love the dark ones like her. That’s why I chose a red male.


Oh, she’s so adorable! I want one.