Show us your pet(s)


She’s beautiful


You ever have that friend who always misbehaves?


My pup

White german shepherd




Barons puppies are dreaming about a lake to swim in.


Oh, they’re so damn cute!


I always said the easiest way to get a ladies attention was to walk around with a baby or a puppy, works every time. Then of course its up to you. I love puppies.


That’s true, I’ll always talk to a guys puppy.


I have that same quilt its my females heat blanket.


She actually has a big dog bed that I built the box around, but it’s being washed at the moment. It’s one of those $40 things but she loves it.


Here’s my 3 legged cat (tripod lol) . I’ve posted other pics of him but he’s quite a character. I’ve never seen a cat with his kind of personality before. With my kids he acts different based on how they play with him. He’s a cuddler with my oldest she carries him around like a baby. He play fights with my youngest including hiding behind corners and jumping out to scare her. Or ducking down in a chair and pops up when she comes behind the chair. But never hurts her. Then with me he’s just a lap cat that wants to sit with me. Definitely a very smart cat.


Jennifer May, pit/shar pei mix

This is Keya the cat


This is Twiggy (also goes by big cat and primp) lol


Sally my service dog.


Beautiful @Painfree… one word says it all.


Thank you @Holmes


I went to doc today. He started me on Xanax. On way home I stopped by Humane Society and started myself on puppy instead.


Awwwwe, he’s adorable!


Natural remedy for a lot of ailments @bryan. They seem to always know when something is wrong. I usually have three or four. As the saying goes … Nothing like it, but more of it!


My buddy Jack, or Captain Jack if you’re being formal! :grinning: