Show us your pet(s)


just a few more of our pets , 74 all up


Thank you @Holmes I miss her as does her dog family. And having the little kittens around does help. Mellow always barked at them when I opened my back door to feed them. Pretty quiet today at feeding time.


@Coltfire awsome bird variety you got there my friend, brings me good memories, my grandmother had lots different birds also. Great job love them fish, are they goldfish?



@Mrcrabs yes they are goldfish, i have special food i fed them, they are from 6 month to 14 months old , i had a beautiful pearl white , he was over a foot long , it was for him the pond was built fir , as he could no longer turn around in tank,but unfortunately a crow decided he was lunch , came home to a head and skeleton left , now have a screen the crows cant get though.


@Coltfire sorry to hear that, I had toad problems, I also had to screen up my pond, we brought our gold fish and koi inside, lovley goldfish, it’s amazing how they can grow so big.



these are my toad invasion survivors


@Stoneythetiger420 it looks like your dog got into your Stash


@Mrcrabs its those blue eyes. Its hard to take a picture and they stay blue!


Female is due any day now.

Doberman Pinchers


@Stoneythetiger420 what breed is it?


@VoodooKing make sure an post them puppy pics, lovley pair my friend


@Mrcrabs german shepherd, husky, boxer mix

this was the tride from nc and her annoyed with my girlfriends selfies.


The young pup

The old one .


@Stoneythetiger420 she looks like loyal companion, I New I could see the boxer in her but was wondering what she was mixed with, great pics


nice time lapse @Seeddog


First two pics are of Jewels the young pup and second two are pics of old Molly . Great dogs !


@Mrcrabs shes a great companion. Best dog/friend ive ever had.


Here’s my girl Sami (again)


This old dog thinks outdoor scrogs

are a Great idea.