Show us your pet(s)


We have a border collie/aussie shepherd/husky mix (so they say) that does the same. She is such a sensitive girl! :dog2:


It’s awesome seeing everyone’s pets! They really are a huge part of our families and our hearts :heart: They have the ability to heal us in ways I never imagined :heart: I would be lost without my Abbie (Normal)


We just rescued this sweet pup from the shelter
Brewski is his name
He has had a rough life as have all of my rescues but he has a home here with us
He is a sweet pup and has a ton of love to give
Plus keeps the ass clowns and dirt bags from hoppin my fence


Poor little guy, thanks for taking him in. Now he’s got a good, loving home.


He looks right at home. Thanks for rescuing him :hugs:


Right handsome fellow you have there. Everybody needs a friend…you can`t beat a good dog as that choice. imho


Who would have thought this little puppy…

would have turned out to be this beauty? And his brother from another mother… lol



Beautiful doggies! Your Shepherd is gorgeous.


The younger male lump, last weighed in at 7kg, proving cuteness is important whether you are asleep or not. To give an idea of scale, his front paws are about an inch across, he’s big but not fat, if you know what I mean.

This is a normal position for him, shows how safe and relaxed he feels here.


The dangers of second hand smoke.


thats just a couple of my pets, ill put the others up tomorrow as most are in bed .


OMG, your birds are gorgeous! And doggies adorable.


I’ll be back when I’ve gotta like again. Until then :+1:t3:


My beautiful Mellow passed away yesterday. I’m thankful for the time I had her in my life after rescuing her about 10+ years ago.

Weep not for her passing as she is healthy and happy at the Rainbow Bridge.


Rip mellow , I’m so sorry about your dog, I hate that part of raising animals , but it’s part of nature. Sorry for your loss @SmoknGranny


Yes it is :+1: The cycle continues all around us. Birth to death. While I am missing Mellow I am comforted by the new life in my life


Lovely pets @Coltfire, you’ve gots your hands full.


That’s what keeps up going, Im glab you have your kittens to keep you entertained. Your an angel for them animals keep up the good work.


Awww thanks. I gave them names and they already know them and come as called. But my outdoor country cats can be here one day and gone the next. I just enjoy them while they are around.


So sorry for the loss of your friend Mellow @SmoknGranny, they are like little mind readers and know just what to do to make things OK , you do have your little kitty circus and that should help cheer you up some I hope.