Show us your pet(s)



Beautiful furbabies :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

All at attention! With that kind of intense focus, they are either very well trained or someone has treats for them (or both)


Awww, they looks so obedient. Nice group you got there my friend


cold baby carrots


I :heart:️ Pits. Gorgeous group ya got there.


Could this possibly be what they call, dog gone tired?


I found “Cat” fur frozen to lake ice and almost dead. Got him unstuck but he couldn’t even stand. Took him home and revived him…tried to find owners…no luck. He’s been a great pal ever since.


He’s beautiful, what a nice little story with a happy ending :slightly_smiling_face:

He reminds me of my own find, who came to me almost two years ago. He had injured his tail and made a home in my garden on one of my comfy chairs. At first, I didn’t realize he was injured until I saw blood from where he chewed off his tail! I took care of him for over a year, and even brought him inside, but one night he decided to go out and he never came back. I miss him a lot and I keep hoping he’ll come back. I named him Snowballs because he was an intact male. Lol.


Awsome story my friend, you’ll have a pal for life, beAutiful cat. @raustin sorry for snowball hope he comes back.


That is his chair right man? He is comfortable lookin`


He was still intact is probably why he didn`t come back. The wild ones are like that. He needed you and you where there. Thank you.


Yeah, and we were really starting to bond too, but he didn’t need me anymore, so he moved on. I miss him.


@Budbrother snoring and all. Gracie, Butters, & Vega. Gracie & Vega are sisters rescued from someone who let Moma & boy go out and kill a cat, then attacked an old man. BOTH taken from the home. The other is a Craig’s list “rehome”. All 3 good girls. Much discipline and cold baby carrots


such a goofball lol


Romeo 2 year old German Shepard mix.


Lovely dog, is that you aquarium? He’s so photogenic, with s big smile.


Lol no not my aquarium but yes he is a ham :joy:


I was thinking aquaponics with that big fish tank. Awsome pic.


My lovely assistant helping me with dishes, she gets special treatment, made them rice carrots and peas.


Lucky you, our two chief mosquito killers are as active as ever, with the oldest giving the TV a dirty look for daring to make a noise that interrupted her sleep duty.


Such a great idea! Then you can wash the sheet!! :slight_smile: