Show us your pet(s)


Yes my friend, he was one ugly bird,he was featherless like that no abuse was done to him, I don’t have a pic but also had some Madagascar fowl.

this is off the internet. Very similar


This is one of my favorites of my Sheppard .and I miss having chickens we used to just let have the rurun of the property when it was time to get back in the coup ee just walk out with a ear of corn and the girls came double time


Lovely dogs, I had a white Shepard once, one of the smartest dogs I’ve had. He would hang out with the heelers and started acting like one and herding goats. Learned how to open the goat pen and let them out in the mornings. Once he did that he would shrug around like I’m the top dog around here. So funny, would advise me if something was not right with the goats. Like a baby goat getting his head stuck in the fence or something he had to be the hero. Awww I loved that dog. Thanks @Oldstoner that pic brought me good memories. He lived 14 years, I cried like I baby we he passed away of old age. Have a good day my friend


Yesterday was interesting on my back deck

Patti is one of my semi feral cats and just about 16 months old. She aborted her first kitten around 9 AM :worried: and her labor stopped. However, during several checks it was obvious that she wasn’t done :blush:

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: that these little ones survive and thrive.


OMG! They’re so cute! Congratulations.


Omg… no thank you


I thought you’d like them. Please keep in mind these are outdoor country kittens and I don’t name them & I try like heck not to get too attached to them until I know they make it :slightly_smiling_face: Their Granny may have a litter on the ground also. I’m going to check later and listen :ear: for mews down behind the house.


Aww, mews!


@SmoknGranny where I used to live they had a farm cat or feral cat program where the spay neuter services were just about free they give you live traps catch a cat drop it off they fix it you let it go and catch another . It was in Norther va.


All ours have always been inside kitty’s.

the dogs are dogs and especially the Bluetick has to be watched she has a thing about chasing stuff .lol . It is what I get she came out of a active hunting and her Sire is I guess a great hunting dog . The guy was half mad when he found out I ruined one of his champion hunting dogs by making her a couch hound Uploading… it is hilarious when the cat crawls all over the hunting dog .


Yep. They have that program here. But I actually like having cats around for vermin control. These are “working” animals and they come & go, mostly feral although I do supplement their food, water, and shelter.


Mutually beneficial relationship between man and nature now THAT is a beautiful thing.


Yep :+1: I do enjoy them and I have to remind myself that they aren’t really “pets” like my house cats. Gotta brag on the great job they do with all the “trophies” they bring home to show me.


@SmoknGranny your such a sweetie, we only have one cat

but he has a few girlfriends that hang around, so I will set out water for them, that’s as close as they get to us.


He’s a handsome lad :heart:️ IF you decide to put out food with the water pick up the food overnight or you’ll be feeding possums and coons as well. :+1:


@SmoknGranny There’s lots of field mice, doves and critters the eat, lasts time I put out food for them they used it as a trap to catch the hungry birds so I felt bad for the birds and have stopped given them food. :cry: Bad kitty’s


Yep. That’s why I stopped putting out my bird feeders and have about 75 pounds of bird seed stored in my basement :worried:
FYI yesterday’s kittens have been moved by their momma as expected. I’m sure I will either see or hear them once their eyes open and they start exploring.


How do you say

“Pitoe, it’s a mouse pad, not a cat pad”


Oh, she’s not bad for a 13 year old


waiting for carrots